Ashamed of Seeking Psychological Counseling?

May 18, 2018 by admin0

According to our psychologists and psychiatrists here at Moner Alo, the biggest hurdle for people who need psychological counseling is that they are ashamed of asking for it.

While people are okay with going to a doctor for a headache, fever or an upset tummy, they are not so prepared to seek help for depression, mood swings or emotional insecurities. The general feeling of people around the world is that when you go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist, the impression you give out is that you are ‘mad’. People with mental issues often do not realize that they need psychological help, and when they do, their own concerns about being perceived as ‘mad’ stop them from seeking professional advice. As a result, complications ensue.

Asking for psychological counseling isn’t abnormal; doing the opposite is!

Mental health is as important, if not more, than physical well-being. Unless you are mentally free and liberated, you cannot focus on anything. For example, if you are depressed at all times, no amount of workout will help your physical state. There is no shame in admitting that you are feeling depressed or worried all the time. There are so many variables in our life. We don’t have the power to control them, despite our best efforts. There is only one way to work out the path: seek help when you need.

Visiting a psychologist also doesn’t mean that you are mentally weak. Why do you think sports persons who have conquered the world in their sporting arena, engage the help of psychologists? Are they mentally weak? Surely not, because they have won whatever there is to win. Yet, they are calling for help. It proves that even the best in the business require a mental boost now and then to keep them in their orbit. The same goes for those who are still struggling to find their feet.

There are times when you don’t realize you need the help of a professional psychologist. It’s because you don’t have the bird’s eye view of your own life. Only a family member or close friend, even a co-worker, can point it out to you. When that happens, try not to be defensive and think with an open mind. Ask for professional help and sort out your issues.

You owe it to everyone you love to be on your best mental faculties.

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