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Improvement of mental health of mentally ill patients with wide variety of treatments by Psychiatrist doctor in Kolkata

Moner Alo is a Bengali phrase meaning enlightened mind. Moner Alo team endeavours to show light to ailing minds with an approach to a comprehensive mental health care and understanding.

Dr. Tirthankar Dasgupta, our head consultant, is one of the best psychiatrist in Kolkatawho treats mental patients of all ages suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, attention disorder, OCD, mania, Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, sexual addiction, sleep disorders, and various other mental health issues.

  • Yogatheraphy
  • Physiotheraphy ( pain management and rehabilation)

For mental doctor in Kolkata you can visit him at many clinics in Kolkata and also at Moner-Alo Clinicin Barasat. You can visit him in various Kolkata clinics on every Saturday; his current clinic hours as a psychiatrists in Kolkata are as below:

Clinics for the treatment of mentally sick patients

  • Eastern Diagnostics: Sat 11am-1pm
  • MM Medical Center: Sat 3-4pm
  • NG Medicare: Sat 5-6pm.

He is also available at Moner-Alo Clinic at Barasat on Mon, Wed, & Fri from 10 am onwards.

To visit him in at any of these clinics or our team of psychiatrist in Kolkata, you need to make an appointment by calling at 9051503332.

Confidentiality required for mental health diagnosis is strictly maintained.