How Physiotherapy Can Cure Back Pain?

September 8, 2018 by admin0

Physiotherapy is considered to be a cost-effective and efficient way of curing back pain. Patients suffering from lower back pain are often sent for physical therapy for four weeks as an initial non-surgical treatment option before going for surgical options. The goal of physiotherapy is to reduce back pain, increase motion and teach the patient a maintenance program to prevent any future back problems. With accurate measurement and early treatment, most back pains can be reduced considerably allowing one to quickly resume normal day-to-day activities. Some of the best OCD treatment in Barasat and psychological counseling is available that provides the best services.

Here we have explained some of the techniques that a physiotherapist plans to follow while trying to cure back pain:

Back Pain Reduction

Reducing back pain is the main cause of approaching a physiotherapist. If untreated for long, back pain can soon turn out to be intolerable. Problems like poor posture, muscle strain or arthritis can cause back pain. The process of physiotherapy is done to reduce stress on joints, strengthen muscle to improve mobility and re-patterning of muscles. A lot of procedures like using ice, electrotherapy, de-loading taping techniques, and soft tissue massage can be used by the physiotherapist. Some drugs might also be suggested to tackle the pain in this phase of treatment.

Restoring Back Strength in Muscles

As the inflammation reduces and the lower back pain settles down, it may seem like a relief to you. But this is the time when you are more vulnerable to a re-injury. During this phase, the treatment of physiotherapy helps to restore normal lumbar spine motion, muscle length, and resting tension. It also helps to maintain balance while walking.

A lower abdominal core stability program is suggested to help control and stabilize the lower back and pelvis. After studying the particular muscle pattern that you have, a physiotherapist could suggest some back pain exercises that are best suited for you.

Restoring Full Back Function

Depending on the day-to-day activities of the patient, a physiotherapist will aim to restore back function completely to help one resume their daily routine. Everyone has different demands based on their own personal needs. For some, it can be just a walk while others may be asked to run regularly. It depends a lot on one’s personal needs.

Back Exercises to Prevent Recurrence

A recurrence of a back pain is quite common which occurs mainly due to the poor rehabilitation process. The physiotherapist is supposed to guide one with specific exercises depending on their own personal needs that should be followed regularly.

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