Role of Group Therapy in Psychological Counselling

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Psychological counselling in Kolkata or elsewhere isn’t always about one-on-one sessions between the psychologist or psychiatrist and the patient. Sometimes, these face-to-face interactions can be counterproductive, especially when the patient is not comfortable in discussing issues in a very close-knit framework. Such patients find the voice to express themselves when they are put in a room with other similar personalities. Each draws strength and confidence from the other and if the psychologist merely sits in on the session, they can learn volumes about each patient in the room.

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Such sessions are popularly known as group therapy: psychological therapy in a group of similar profiles. The best psychiatrists across the globe have placed their faith on this method as an alternative to interpersonal therapy sessions, or even medication. However, it must be pointed out at the very onset that group therapy sessions are not suited for patients with immediate or acute needs. It is only when the patient is on the path of recovery or need to acquire some social skills as part of the recovery process that group therapy is prescribed.

The greatest fear of a person grappling with mental issues is that they think that they are alone. That itself gives them panic attacks and severe depression. Group therapy takes away this fear from the equation. When a patient finds like-minded and allied souls in a room, they feel less alienated about their mental condition. They find people on their wavelength, sharing their thoughts and ideas, which in turn, giving them a voice to express their own minds. It is a symbiotic interaction that is a win-win for all of the patients participating in the group therapy.

Group therapy sessions throw up success stories. There are survivors of mental illness in Kolkata and their stories of recovery and getting a grip on their lives is inspirational to those still struggling to find their true mettle. Nothing leads better than by example. Group therapy units have people who are now living normal, healthy lives with their families and loved ones. Such stories radiate a sense of aspiration as well for those still bubbling under the surface. A psychologist can channel the stories to create more ones.

Group therapy is actually beneficial for many. Experience a better life with Group therapy from Moner Alo.

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