Are You Good Enough: Fighting the Feelings of Self-doubt

November 4, 2018 by admin0

It is only natural for people to doubt their ability. You are worried about the fact if you belong to a particular class or job position. You may be feeling that you will let others, and yourself, down in a bad way. That, in turn, complicates the problem further. You cannot shake off your anxiety and it bogs down on you, obstructing the full potential of your capability. It requires a lot of willpower and mental strength to overcome these nagging feelings of self-doubt: am I good enough?

We asked some of the experts here at Moner Alo, the best psychiatric clinic in Kolkata if it was possible to fight these feelings where you doubt yourself and what you can do. According to our professional psychologists, there are three ways in which you can combat these feelings of self-doubt.

Firstly, you need to learn to take a decision and stick to it. Indecision is a major reason why many people are unable to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. It’s not enough that you make a decision. You need to have the courage to stick to it, even when you feel that things are not working to your expectation, at least initially. After some time has passed and you feel compelled to make a judgment call about your decision is something different. But in the initial stages, you have to make a decision and work on what you have decided. As they say, a wrong decision at the right time is better than the right decision at the wrong time.

Secondly, you need to evaluate your idea of what you can achieve. Measure your expectations on a realistic scale. Bring down your ideas of ‘perfect’, be it in the case of jobs or class grades. When you are less worried about the perfect or ideal state of everything you do, you are able to shrug off a lot of unwanted burdens. As a result, you are lighter on your mind, and on your feet. It opens up your mind and who knows, you may be able to achieve the high notes that you wanted to strike in the first place. Don’t aim for the 5th level before you have even crossed the 1st one.

Finally, think positively, no matter what the situation is. There are so many times when we ignore the positive side of what we do, even if people appreciate us. Out of the 10 things we are supposed to do, we may be doing seven and getting appreciated. However, we are hard on ourselves and dwell on the undone three. That breeds self-doubt like nothing else.

Keep faith in yourself and do what you can. Self-doubt will fade away.

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