The State of Women’s Mental Health in India

March 8, 2020 by admin0

India indeed as a nation has made rapid advances in every field. Though this has always been a more conservative nation, where in the past women were largely oppressed. Yet in recent times Indian women have proved themselves and come up in every sector. Along with men they too are now in the driving seat in almost every field along with their male counterparts. With Women’s Day being celebrated all around the country, maybe this is an ideal time to assess the state of mental health of the women in India. According to a recent Media Report though men outnumber men regarding the number approaching hospitals for mental problems, yet this may not reflect the actual reality. As per the report, as much as 25 % of women in India suffer from depression and anxiety. 

The Actual Status 

As already pointed out, Indian women over a long time were oppressed in many ways in the past. The reason is that much of the Indian society was very conservative and thus they were deprived of their basic rights and at times even had to go through great both physical as well as mental sufferance. It is true that in the modern era much of this has changed. But despite the advances that have been made, many still silently continue to suffer in some ways. They, as a result, have to put with a lot of mental stress and anxiety. The result is that the number of Indian women is twice as the number of men as much as 25 % of the total population. The interesting fact to take note of is that the Government too has been undertaking several steps to reduce the problem but despite all the efforts the numbers of women in India suffering from mental problems continue. 

The mental health problems may cause great harm

Owing to the mental problems could have a wide-scale impact on their physical health too. With the deteriorating mental health could adversely affect the hormonal balance in the body. Thus the effect may be much deep-rooted that may initially be assessed. 

The causes of these mental health problems could come in on various fronts. This could be due to a lack of support from their husband and family. In some cases, there could also be problems caused by the husband’s family too. It could go to a large extent where they might in some cases cause physical harm too. In all these cases the women may undergo great mental torture. What is also worrying is that such women are often not able to communicate the mental pain that they go through quietly. This is why they are all the more under great mental stress. If these problems are not addressed properly at the right time they could lead to many severe consequences later on.


The remedy is that in case you as a lady do not have any support from husband and family is best that you yourself become mentally strong and seek the right mental treatment from the right the best psychiatrists in Kolkata if you are based here. 

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