Sleep Disorder : Warning Signs You Should Know About

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Sleep disorders are commonplace. A study by Warwick Medical School, The University of Warwick in 2012 found that globally, about 150 million people suffer from one or the other kind of sleep disorder. Nowadays it’s commonplace to suffer from sleeplessness but when it turns into a chronic condition it can lead to fatigue and other health complications.

Sleep Disorders are of several types. This include:

1. Insomnia: people suffering from insomnia have an inability to fall asleep at night. This affects their functionality during the daytime.

2. Narcolepsy: People usually feel excessive sleepy in the day and have sudden muscle weakness.

3. Restless Leg Syndrome: Those who suffer from this usually have unusual aches or pains in their legs which make it impossible for them to fall asleep.

4. Sleep Apnea: This is a condition where people undergo momentary suspension of breath, resulting in gasping or snoring which interrupts the sleep.

Warning Signs of Sleep Disorder

Look out for these warning signs as this could mean you are suffering from Sleep Disorder:

1. You Feel Fatigued

You sleep for 8 hours but still you feel sleepy the next day. A normal sleep cycle includes periods of deep and light sleep. If you still feel sleepy the next morning, understand that something prevented your brain from entering those periods.

2. Excessive Snoring

Though snoring is harmless but excessive snoring could mean you have Sleep Apnea. This is a condition that can choke you in your sleep.

3. You feel Sleepy During the Day

If you begin to feel excessive sleepiness throughout the day and frequently fall asleep at work, this means that you are not getting enough sleep at night.

4. You have difficulty in falling Asleep

You might have difficulty in falling asleep occasionally but, is it something that is bothering you for long? Do you regularly have difficulty in falling asleep or remaining asleep for long? If yes, then you are suffering from insomnia. It is a chronic condition and needs specialised treatment.

5. You have unusual sensation in your legs

Do you always have an urge to move your legs in your sleep? Do you have a crawling or tingling sensation in your legs during bedtime? If yes, chances are high that you have restless leg syndrome.

6. Excessive Dependency on Caffeine

Is your caffeine intake high during the daytime? Do you need frequent cups of coffee or tea to make your brain work or refresh your mind? If yes, then that means your brain isn’t getting enough rest during the night time.

These warning signs will help you identify whether you or any of your loved ones are suffering from any sleep disorder or not. If you need sleep disorder treatment, then don’t ignore it, get in touch with us today at

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