Does medication work for depression?

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Keeping the tough times in mind, it is quite normal for any individual to feel sad or depressed at times, which can be thought of as a normal reaction to the highs and lows of modern life or loss or hurt of self-esteem. But, when these problems turn out to be intense and continue for a long period of time (months or even years) it can lead to major depressive disorder. Depression can lead to a variety of physical and emotional problems. It can affect one’s day to day activities at home and at work. However, the good thing is that it is treatable with medication, counseling and therapy.

Causes of Depression

Depression arises due to a combination of various factors. Some of the factors that may cause clinical depression include:

  • Sadness caused by the death or loss of a loved one can increase the chances of depression.
  • Various life events like work stress, relationship with friends and families, divorce, financial problems, medical concerns or acute stress can lead to depression later in life.
  • Personality problems like not being able to socialize, isolation due to mental illness or being isolated by family or groups can contribute to depression.
  • It is often thought that genetics is a complex trait. These like most psychiatric disorders are quite complex. A person can inherit such disorders directly from parents.
  • Some prescription drugs and recreational drugs including alcohol can result in depression.

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Signs & Symptoms of Depression

Being unhappy is not same as being depressed. Some of the warning signs have been discussed below:

  • Loss of Interest A withdrawal from activities like sports, hobbies, traveling, hanging out with friends that one always loved to do can be a sign of depression.
  • Being Anxious and Feeling Hopeless Psychiatrists says that anxiety developed over a long period of time and feeling hopeless can be a symptom of depression
  • Changes in Sleep Pattern Depression may result in insomnia or fatigue. One can find it difficult to sleep whereas some may feel the lack of energy and have greater amount of sleep.
  • Change in Appetite Depression may lead to eating a lot or not feeling hungry at all. It can lead to both weight loss or weight gain.
  • Lack of Concentration It can be difficult to concentrate on daily activities like reading a newspaper or even watching television.

Is Medication Necessary & Helpful in Curing Depression?

According to the psychiatrists in Kolkata, Medication can help solve some of the symptoms though; it is not possible to cure the entire problem whatsoever. Moreover, the treatment of depression is a long term procedure. The common methods to treat depression include using antidepressants. But they come with their own side effects and it is not easy to quit them. Recent studies suggest that antidepressants could even lead to worsening the situations. So, It is always advisable to look for other treatments and psychological counseling rather than relying completely on antidepressants alone.

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