Is Psychological Help Required after Breakup?

December 26, 2018 by admin0

There is a wide spectrum of feelings that a person goes through after a breakup. Whether the relationship has been for a short duration or for years, the feelings of hurt, anger, betrayal, and dejection is quite common. As they say, time is a great healer and there is some truth in it. But you cannot mope around in self-pity and squander away your life for any length of time. There are personal and professional commitments that demand your attention and the quicker you take charge of your life again, the better it is for you and for everyone around you.

However, it is easier said than done. Most people who have been through a breakup are unable to process this change in their lives. They still live under the impression that things will get back to what they were before this tumult hit them. For most, the difficult part of dealing with a breakup is this phase where you cannot accept that a relationship is over. This mode of denial is the number one hurdle in the path to recovery. Friends and family around you continue to mention your previous partner and that makes matter worse.

What’s more, this circle of friends and family are the only people you can talk to about your breakup. But they probably knew your previous partner as well. So they come to your help with their own ideas and thoughts about your relationship and what sort of a person your partner was. You cannot talk to them freely either, because you fear that they will judge you. This inability to actually open up your mind to someone, bottles up your feelings to a dangerous extent.

This is where professional psychological counseling becomes very effective. A professional psychologist is objective and knows neither you nor your previous partner. You can speak to a psychologist freely without the fear of being judged. You can tell them what is going through your mind and with their professional training, they will uncork your mind to find out what is actually ailing your mental health. Even in cases where the person concerned is unable to speak freely, trained psychologists know how to circumnavigate through this problem.

After a breakup, don’t allow yourself to be swamped with negative thoughts. Put yourself before anything else and get the help you need.

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