Depression: 5 Signs your Wife is Suffering from It

March 22, 2017 by admin0

Is your wife gloomy all the time? Does she feel sad without any reasons? If yes, it might be so that she is suffering from depression. Depression has certain subtle signs; if you can understand these signs in the beginning then you can control the disease before it starts controlling your life.

Over here we discuss 5 signs to watch for. Read on –

1. Chronic Pain

Although we perceive depression as a mental disorder, it has greater effects on your physical well-being as well. Take note of the physical pain like low back pain and disabling neck pain that your wife might be experiencing; as pain and depression are linked with the same neurotransmitters and biological pathways.

There’s a great chance that the onset of depression might trigger other types of chronic pain like splitting headaches and stomach ache. As described by a study in the Archives of General Psychiatry (, people suffering from depression are hypersensitive to physical pain which makes it more difficult to cope with the chronic disease.

Counselling for depression can help her come out of this abyss.

2. Weight Gain (or Loss)

People usually eat more when they are depressed. As a result, your wife might gain more weight and skip on weight-loss strategies. So, take note on her appetite change. On the other side of the story, some people lose weight as depression (in some cases) tends to zap appetite.

3. Short Temper

One of the adverse effects of depression is it triggers short temper. Your wife might be a peacekeeper but if she starts to rage on even the slightest mishaps, it’s surely a definite sign of depression. Almost 54% of people with depression have reported feeling argumentative, hostile, foul-tempered or grumpy, as put by the journal JAMA Psychiatry:

4. Desolation

If your wife is emotionally numb and doesn’t get motivated/inspired then it’s a sure bet that depression and anxiety are attacking her. People with a healthy mental condition often wake up in the morning with motivation and aim (even it’s just for the day). Contrary to this, people suffering from depression effuse a cold, zombie behaviour and try to avoid closeness to others around.

5. Increasing Alcohol Intake

You might want to watch out for your wife’s increasing indulgence in alcohol. Depression involves one to get lost in deep thoughts and alcohol helps amplify it. While your wife might perceive alcohol as an alternative to come out of depression, however, it is certainly harmful for her in the long run.

Counselling for depression in Kolkata

So the best help that you can get for your wife is seeking out for an expert’s counselling. Check out for more info.

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