Benefits of clinical psychology with regard to weight loss

November 17, 2017 by admin0

It is generally accepted that weight loss has significant physiological benefits, such as reduced risk of diabetes, lowered blood pressure and blood lipid levels. However, few behavioral and dietary interventions have investigated psychological benefit as the primary outcome. Many psychological counseling experts have come up with the idea that weight loss can also lead to a stress-free life, especially the ones who have had a problematic life and have gone through certain psychological therapies.

It is well documented that weight loss in terms of overweight has important physiological benefits, for example, reduced risk of diabetes, lowered blood pressure and blood lipid levels. Psychologists are experts in helping people make behavioral and lifestyle changes that assist with weight management. It may involve working with individuals or families independently in their private practice or as part of a healthcare team, often in a setting where mental health and medical services are integrated.

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Sometimes a psychologist will work on weight control with a patient who has been referred by a physician, dietitian or other healthcare professional. Even the best psychologist in Kolkata has come up with the same opinion. People who actually need help from psychologists range in age from children to adults. They include those who simply struggle with managing their weight as well as individuals whose weight problems are related to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease or other medical conditions like depression, anxiety or eating disorders. However, it has been surveyed and found that weight loss can be the ultimate solution for innumerable other diseases that relate to psychology.

Initially, when you visit a psychologist, it usually involves a discussion about your history and concerns. This may include the weight loss therapy and past efforts to lose weight and also medical history, stress levels, current life situation and your sources of social support like family and friends. Research clarifies the fact that people who write down what they eat in a daily log are more successful at losing weight. Tracking your activity level is yet another important aspect that helps weight loss and also leaves a very positive impact on your psychology.

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