5 Facts on Bulimia that you Should Know

January 24, 2017 by admin0

Bulimia is a mental condition characterised by a series of bingeing and purging large quantity of food in very short span of time. During this period, the patients feel that they have no control over their eating habits. They would intake a large amount of food and this will be followed by throwing up whatever they have eaten. However, bulimia is more than just eating and throwing up. Let’s take a look:

1. This is a compulsive habit

People suffering from bulimia are obsessed with their body image and can take extreme measures to change their weight. While people with Anorexia Nervosa restrict their calorie intake, people with Bulimia eat and throw up. People suffering from Bulimia consume a large amount of food and afterwards, they are driven by a feeling of guilt. This guilt causes them to take extreme measures such as forced vomiting, using laxatives or fasting for a long period of time.

2. It can be genetic

A section of experts believes that the cause of this disorder might lie in your genes. People are prone to develop bulimia in case their parents or anyone from the family has a similar eating disorder. However, it is also caused by environmental factors.

3. Social Pressures can also cause Bulimia

Societal pressures (such as promoting a particular body image) also cause Bulimia. People, particularly teenage girls, are prone to follow the established beauty standards, thus causing them to engage in unhealthy eating habits.

4. Bulimia affects Men as well

It is a misconception that Bulimia affects only women. This is a mental condition that affects people irrespective of their gender. Men are less likely to exhibit any noticeable symptoms or seek treatment which puts them at greater risk.

5. People with Bulimia can have normal Body Weight

Not every person suffering from Bulimia is thin. People suffering from bulimia consume a large amount of calorie through the episodes of bingeing and purging. And that is how many people tend to retain normal body weight. This is also deceptive and makes it difficult for others to miss the illness.

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