3 Warning Signs of Suicide

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Suicidal thoughts and tendencies often stem from multiple causes. Most of the time, a person contemplates suicide when he or she cannot seem to cope with the overwhelming stressors. Depression is one of the most common conditions that drive a person to commit suicide. Such mental conditions often increase the risk of suicide.
A person who is thinking about suicide usually shows signs indicating trouble. To prevent suicide, it is essential to recognise these warning signs. Here are a few indicators that are usually displayed by a suicidal person:

1. The Physical Indicators

A person who is suicidal exhibits a number of physical changes. This includes:

* Changes in sleeping patterns- either they sleep too much or too little.
* Loss of interest in regards to maintaining personal hygiene or appearance.
* Changes in appetite- either the person loses his/her appetite or there is an increase in appetite.
* Loss of energy and weight gain or loss.
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2. Behavioural Indicators

Check for the behavioural cues to understand whether the person is thinking about suicide or not. This include:

* Withdrawal from friends and family
* Loss of interest in activities that the person considered important previously
* Alcohol or drug abuse
* Self-harming tendencies
* Giving away things or possessions that carry special significance to the person.
* Reckless behaviour. For instance, driving recklessly or being less careful while crossing roads during heavy traffic flow.
* Unexpected or sudden emotional outbursts.

3. Conversational Indicators

When a person is upset or is contemplating suicide, their conversational patterns changes. Look for the following things if you suspect that a person is thinking about suicide:

* Helplessness: the conversation of a person might show signs of helplessness. They might seem to feel trapped by a certain situation and say things like “it’s beyond my control” or “there is no one who can help me.”
* Lack of Belonging: The person talks about how he/she doesn’t fit in anywhere.
* Talking about Death: the person talks about death being the only solution to end all problems.

We hope that these points will help you identify the signs and symptoms of suicide.

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