10 Signs That Your Teenager is Suffering from Depression

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Typically, any teenager is stereotyped as being moody and whimsical, but depression is a different matter altogether. Do you remember your own teenage? Do you remember the ups and downs of your own emotions? How intense were they? Such troubles might seem insignificant to you, but these rushes of emotions can badly affect your teenager’s mental health.

Depression is a serious mental health condition that can affect anyone. Sometimes, the conditions get so bad that it can lead to suicidal tendencies. Studies have revealed that one out of every eight teenager suffers from depression. Worried about your teen’s mental health? Here we have enlisted 10 signs and symptoms that will help you determine whether your teenager is suffering from depression or not:

1.Irritable Mood

If a sad and irritable mood persists for long, it is a sign of depression. Such mood is often accompanied by a belief that life is meaningless.

2.Loss of Interest

Your teenager has lost interest in activities that once used to please him or her. You can see a constant withdrawal from friends and family and faces trouble in relationships. If that is so, then he or she might be depressed.

3. Loss in Appetite

Is your teenager showing a loss of appetite? Has he or she gained or lost weight significantly? Change in food habit is often associated with signs of depression. If you notice that your teenager is eating more than usual or is not hungry at all, he or she might be depressed.

4. Trouble in Sleeping

Do you often find your teenager indulged in late night activities? Does he or she feels sleep deprived? Or is your teenager has trouble getting up in the morning? Chances are there that he or she is suffering from depression.

5. Loss of energy

Depressed teenager often shows a certain degree of slowness in their activities. It’s because they do not feel energetic enough and feel bored all the time. Such loss in energy, often indicates that the teenager is suffering from depression.

6. Behavioral Problems

Is your teenager bursts into anger on slightest provocation? Is he or she overtly sensitive to criticism? Are they facing behavioral problems at home or school? Such behavioral problems are often linked with depression.

7. Poor Concentration

Does it ever seem to you that your teenage son or daughter cannot remember any details? Does he or she face problems while decision-making? Such things happen because they are not focusing upon the task they are doing. This is also a potential sign of depression.

8. Physical Illness

Teenagers suffering from depression often complain of physical illness such as headaches, cramps and problem in digestion. Such symptoms usually do not go with usual treatment. So, if you see that such problems tend to linger, chances are high that he or she is depressed.

9. Guilt feeling

Any traumatic experience can give a feeling of guilt to the teenager. Watch out for signs. If the teenager takes everything as his or her fault, then he or she is surely depressed.

10. Suicidal thoughts

Does your teenage son or daughter often try to harm themselves? Do they constantly pass on remarks that has overtones of death? If yes, then take it seriously. The teenager is certainly depressed.

The majority of the teenagers feels down at times. Be supportive and see whether they are battling their inner demons or not. In any case of help, you can always get in touch with us. Our experts provide the best counseling for teenagers and help them fight depression.

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