What is Brain Mapping and How it Helps?

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The anatomy of the human brain is pretty complex. It is a complicated labyrinth of 100 billion neurons. You use the same brain to build rockets and to solve mathematical puzzles. What drives your creativity? And how your brain use logic to explain things?
Each part of your brain performs a particular activity and control your abilities. The process of Brain Mapping or Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) tries to relate the parts of your brain with specific activities. It attempts to find out how certain regions of your brain behave.

Brain Mapping or QEEG help the experts to evaluate your psychological processes by recording the activities of your brain. It demonstrates what is going on in your brain. Clinicians use this data to explain your behavior pattern and help them to understand the best possible course of treatment for you. This is a valuable tool for psychologists to define and understand behavioral patterns.

How QEEG is performed?

Under this technique, your head will be covered using an elastic cap fitted with 19 sensors. These sensors will capture your brainwaves. These are recorded with your eyes closed and again with your eyes wide open. The data that is received is compared with other normative data. The results are received in tables and graphs that demonstrate any abnormality in your brain.

Benefits of QEEG

QEEG helps the expert to evaluate and focus on the areas most responsible for your behavior. It helps to determine the healthy network and the unhealthy ones. In other words, it can identify the overactive, underactive and the unstable regions of the brain. This aid a better understanding of the brain function. By analyzing your symptoms with the patterns of your brain activity in various regions of the brain, the therapist can locate any specific disorder that was previously overlooked. As the therapist monitors your brainwave, they adjust the threshold of brain performance until your brain performs just like a healthy brain. This neurofeedback enables the therapist to focus on your physical aspect of healing. When those symptoms reduce, a significant improvement in the brain activity can be noted. So, in a way, QEEG or Brain Mapping the most scientific way to adjust specific functionality of your brain that ultimately improves your well-being.

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