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Stress is a part of our day-to-day life. Although a little stress doesn’t really affect your well-being but too much it can overwhelm you and hold you back from enjoying life to its fullest. There are a number of ways to cope with stress. Let’s take a look at a few healthy ways to keep stress at bay:

1.A Healthy diet

You might feel tempted to reach out to the cheeseburger or any other comfort food when you are feeling stressed. However, do you know that high-fat foods actually worsen the situation? Instead, turn to food rich in carbohydrate, fibre, and other essential nutrients. Include lots of fruits and vegetables. These are rich in antioxidants that help keep stress away. Also, food rich in carbohydrate and fibre boosts the production of Serotonin, a hormone that keeps you happy.

2.Consult a Psychiatrist

If you have been feeling stressed despite your best efforts, then it’s time to reach out for help. Consulting a psychiatrist is the best thing you can do. A psychiatrist not only helps you identify the root cause of stress but also help you develop a coping mechanism to efficiently deal with stress. In case you or any of your loved one is having trouble dealing with stress and want to undergo psychiatric treatment in Kolkata, then get in touch with us at

3.Exercise Regularly

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, physical activity helps reduce stress. So, develop a regular exercise regime. Exercising regularly helps reduce fatigue and improves your alertness and concentration levels, thus, improving your overall cognitive function. It’s the best way you can get healthy and develop a feeling of well-being.

4.Take a Day Off

Take a day off from work and reserve it to indulge yourself in activities that make you happy. Excessive work-related stress can take a toll on your health and your relationships. So, try to unwind by taking your mind off from work at least once every week.


Sometimes it feels good to just lay back and listen to music or watch your favourite movie. Such activities divert your mind from unwanted thoughts. You can also try meditation. It’s the best way to relax your mind and keep stress at bay.

It takes a little effort to introduce these healthy habits into your routine. Once you do that, you will be surprised by the positive benefits of such healthy habits.

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