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Signs of Suicidal


A 2012 data by World Health Organisation reveals that every year more than 804,000 people die due to suicide. A person who is contemplating suicide usually show some signs that they are mentally troubled or distressed. A stark difference in their behaviour can be noticed. You can be in a position to help such a person if you recognise the red flags. Here are a few signs that might indicate a person is suicidal:

1.Talking About Death

Does the person constantly feel that life is not worth living? Do they talk about harming themselves? Is he/she distancing himself/herself from others? If yes, then do take it seriously. That person might be contemplating suicide. Try to talk to the person and find out what is causing him/her to feel like that?

2. Depression

People who experience traumatic incidents may show signs of clinical depression, which may lead to suicide. This is particularly because they think that suicide is the only way to end the mental stress they are going through. If a person has lost interest in all activities, experience a dramatic change in eating patterns and has trouble in sleeping, do not take it lightly.

3. Alcohol or Drug abuse

People who are mentally distraught often resort to alcohol or other drugs for getting some relief. The person might not have a history of substance abuse. They try to escape the growing mental pressure by numbing their senses. However, this usually impairs their sense of judgment and clear thinking and they become vulnerable to suicide.

4. Constant feeling of Guilt

Does the person talk about being a burden to others? Is he or she showing signs of anxiety? According to Dr Madelyn Gould, Professor, Clinical epidemiology in Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center, a constant feeling of guilt is a common sign of depression and anxiety. Dr Ken Robbins, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin, notes that people with agitated depression are more at the risk of suicide. Agitated depression comes with a feeling of restlessness and sleeplessness. Such people have trouble focusing on things. Agitated anxiety makes a person uncomfortable, thus leaving him/her vulnerable.

Knowing the warning signs will let you help someone dealing with suicidal thoughts. However, taking professional help is more appropriate. If you are looking for psychiatrists in Kolkata, come to us. Our team comprises of some of the famous psychiatrists in Kolkata who can help your loved ones overcome suicidal thoughts.

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