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Alcohol is one of the most common substances that is abused on a regular basis. As per the World Health Organisation, 3.3 million people die every year due to alcohol abuse.


Whether you are drinking wine or beer, too much of anything can hurt you. You may not abuse alcohol like those 3.3 million people, but you never know when a habit might turn into an addiction. So, before you consider going for another round of drinks, consider these points on alcohol addiction:

1. Alcohol affects your brain

Usually, your brain physically adapts to your environment so that you can do better whatever you are doing. When you drink alcohol continuously, your brain accordingly changes the nerve cells so that you can function better. Once your brain adapts to alcohol and does the necessary changes[Validate from client], it cannot go back to its previous state. So, when you stop drinking, these changes continue to create problems.

2. Alcoholism is not alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is when your drinking patterns create problems in your personal and professional life. Alcoholism is the feeling of compulsive drinking or drinking at times when you are not supposed to. Alcoholism is considered as a chronic disease.


3. Ethyl Alcohol is the ingredient that intoxicates you

Ethyl Alcohol is the main ingredient in all alcoholic drinks. It is produced from starch acquired from vegetables, fruits, and grains; fermented yeast, and sugar. When you drink alcohol at moderate levels, your liver can easily metabolise it; however, excessive drinking overwhelms your liver. The excess alcohol that your liver cannot process circulates through every organ in your body including your brain. This is when you feel drunk.

4. Alcohol is one of the leading cause of death

As per the World Health Organisation, in 2012 about 3.3 million people died due to alcohol abuse. Out of them, 7.6% were men, and only 4% were women.


5. Alcohol affects your overall health

Chronic heavy drinking causes cirrhosis of the liver. Moreover, you are also vulnerable to accidents and injuries under the influence of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause health complications such as anaemia, cardiovascular problems, cancer, depression, and dementia.

Alcohol is also associated with emotional pain and result in damaging behaviour. Consult a psychologist or psychotherapist to help you get rid of your addiction. You can get in touch with the best psychotherapist in Kolkata at Moner Alo. Contact us at


Are you feeling overwhelmed with grief or stress of late? Are you finding it difficult to combat anxiety that has gripped your mind? We know that you can work through your problems yourself and with the support from your family and friends. But sometimes, you need help from someone with special training and experience to help you overcome those. And that’s where a psychotherapist can help you. If you are still sceptic about visiting a psychotherapist, here are ways they can help you:

1. They help you figure out your mind

A major portion of our life is spent on trying to figure out ourselves, especially our mind. A psychotherapist can assist you with this process. They talk to you and examine the patterns in your behaviour and help you establish a connection between your past and your present. If you go for regular sessions, you will gradually make sense out of yourself. Having a framework about yourself helps you in moving ahead in your life.

2. Psychotherapist helps you identify your behaviour

Once you begin figuring out yourself, you will see that you have a habit of repeating certain behaviours (everybody has a pattern they are not aware of). With this, you become more aware of yourself and the way you behave. From relationship issues to workplace problems, until you are aware of your behavioural patterns, you cannot eliminate the negative traits in you and take charge of the issues you face.

3. They help you identify your problem

You might feel sad or stressed from time to time. We all do; however, if that feeling stays inside your head for too long (say two weeks or more) then that’s not normal. You will begin to see them as worse than they are. You ultimately begin to feel miserable about yourself. Talking to a psychotherapist about your problem can help you in understanding that you are not going mad; and that, you are not alone. There are many people out there who are facing the issues you are facing. Talking to a psychotherapist will also help you understand that these problems can be fixed. This doesn’t mean that you will end up being happy but sessions with psychotherapist will empower you to fight your demons in a healthy way.

4. You develop a new perspective

Talking to a professional psychotherapist can help you gain a new perspective on life and the situations you are facing. We all get stuck in things from time to time and feel like being “stuck” is the only way and you have no other choice. This often gives way to anxiety and depression. A psychotherapist can help you identify different ways and plan of action to deal with these issues. Learning to see things in a different and new light and in a healthy way can help improve your mental health.

Thinking of consulting a psychotherapist in Kolkata? If yes, you can talk to our experts. Get in touch with us at


Bulimia is a mental condition characterised by a series of bingeing and purging large quantity of food in very short span of time. During this period, the patients feel that they have no control over their eating habits. They would intake a large amount of food and this will be followed by throwing up whatever they have eaten. However, bulimia is more than just eating and throwing up. Let’s take a look:

1. This is a compulsive habit

People suffering from bulimia are obsessed with their body image and can take extreme measures to change their weight. While people with Anorexia Nervosa restrict their calorie intake, people with Bulimia eat and throw up. People suffering from Bulimia consume a large amount of food and afterwards, they are driven by a feeling of guilt. This guilt causes them to take extreme measures such as forced vomiting, using laxatives or fasting for a long period of time.

2. It can be genetic

A section of experts believes that the cause of this disorder might lie in your genes. People are prone to develop bulimia in case their parents or anyone from the family has a similar eating disorder. However, it is also caused by environmental factors.

3. Social Pressures can also cause Bulimia

Societal pressures (such as promoting a particular body image) also cause Bulimia. People, particularly teenage girls, are prone to follow the established beauty standards, thus causing them to engage in unhealthy eating habits.

4. Bulimia affects Men as well

It is a misconception that Bulimia affects only women. This is a mental condition that affects people irrespective of their gender. Men are less likely to exhibit any noticeable symptoms or seek treatment which puts them at greater risk.

5. People with Bulimia can have normal Body Weight

Not every person suffering from Bulimia is thin. People suffering from bulimia consume a large amount of calorie through the episodes of bingeing and purging. And that is how many people tend to retain normal body weight. This is also deceptive and makes it difficult for others to miss the illness.

In case any of your loved ones is suffering from such condition, immediately seek professional help. Get in touch with a psychotherapist today. In case you are looking for good psychotherapist in Kolkata, contact us at


Every end is a new beginning. Be it the changing of the seasons or the year, the human mind always looks forward to making a new beginning. It tends to wipe out the previous mistakes and start again. However, unless we make peace with our past, we cannot move forward and start afresh. Now that 2016 is over, here are a few ways to make peace with the past and move into the new year:

1. Be grateful

Develop a sense of gratitude. Life is not about counting your misfortunes. Before you do that, do not forget to count the blessings. Once you develop a sense of gratitude, you develop a sense of fulfilment. This helps in reducing stress, depression, lowers blood pressure, and also helps you in making a new beginning. However, if you find it difficult to leave behind your negative thoughts, take help from the professionals. Negative thoughts can lead to depression and hamper your progress. Consult a psychotherapist immediately. In case you are looking for psychotherapist in Kolkata, get in touch with us at

2. Commit to becoming a more physically fit version of you

You do not have to run miles or do a hundred push-ups to stay fit. Instead, be realistic with your health regime. Try to go for a walk around the park at least thrice a week. Leave your car and ride your cycle when you go grocery shopping the next time. Develop a routine and stick to it.

3. Move “sleep” to the top of your priority list

Unless your mind and body get enough rest, you cannot achieve harmony. You cannot be your best when you are drained. Make it a point to get enough sleep in the New Year. A healthy mind and body keeps you happy and move on in your life.

4. Smile Often

When you wake up every morning, look at your reflection in the mirror and smile. This is the best way to give away all your worries and start afresh in the new year. Make your smile cheaper and share it with others.
Above all, forget all your complaints and insecurities and be thankful for the chance life has given you to move on. We hope that these points will help you move on to the next year without any emotional or mental baggage.


Do you share an unhealthy relationship with food? Do you eat too little? Are you obsessed with your body image and exercise? If yes, then chances are that you are suffering from anorexia nervosa, a type of eating disorder. People hold a misconception that this is a lifestyle disease. But actually it’s a mental condition and if left untreated, it can turn life threatening.

There is no single cause that is responsible for eating disorder. There are combinations of factors which include:

– Psychological factors: Emotional and psychological issues such as depression
– Genetic factors: if it runs in your family, it is likely that you too can experience this disorder.
– Traumatic experience: traumatic incidents may result in eating disorder.
– Societal issues: media images equating a particular body type or thinness with beauty can also cause anorexia nervosa, especially in girls.

Psychological counselling by an experienced psychotherapist can treat anorexia nervosa or any other type of eating disorder. The psychotherapist will go through your case history, understand the nature of your disorder and then tailor a specific treatment plan for you. Usually, all these treatments are aimed to normalise your weight and eating patterns. However, it also involves understanding the root cause of the disorder to prevent relapse.

Psychotherapy can help you develop a healthy eating pattern and achieve a healthy weight. It explores your behaviour and find out the root cause of the problem and help you develop healthy habits. Not only this, it also helps you monitor your mood and food intake so that you are able to cope with the disorder. It also helps you cope with stressful situations and improves your relationships.

A psychotherapist may use any of the following ways to treat this problem:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: This is used for finding out the negative thinking patterns and beliefs that result in such disorders. Psychotherapist helps you cope with negative emotions and develop a healthy thought process.

Psychotherapy: It also explores the thought processes responsible for this condition.  Psychotherapy helps you learn ways to deal with stress and problem-solving techniques.

Medical Nutrition Therapy: You will be provided with a regular diet plan and also there will be dietary modifications. This helps in improving your relationship with food.

Apart from that, psychotherapists use a lot of other methods to deal with eating disorders. If you are looking for a good psychotherapist in Kolkata to cure eating disorder problems, contact us at Moneralo.

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