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In any long-term relationship, there are challenges that can completely ruin the relationship. There are certain behavioural traits that when avoided, can improve the quality of your relationship. Here are a few factors that can make your relationship hit rock bottom:

1. Blaming and Accusation

This is one of the ultimate kisses of death for any relationship.  The tendency to accuse or blame your partner can strain any relationship. If you want to have a quality and healthy relationship, always give the other person benefit of doubt and instead of assuming the worst, assume the best. People can never match the exact levels of your expectations. They tend to rise and fall. When you behave in a respectful and fair manner, even if the other person has done something wrong, he or she will show a desire to justify your faith in them. If you are facing problems in your relationship, then it’s time that you should seek help from a psychologist or marriage counsellor. If you are looking for good psychologist in Kolkata, get in touch with Moner Alo at

2. Defensiveness

In a relationship, when you get defensive, it shows that you no longer care about that relationship and you do not care about your partner. Driving away concerns or criticism can mean an end to your relationship as it demonstrates a lack of responsibility. Defensiveness escalates the problems further. Rather than being defensive, try talking with your partner and discuss the problems. Even if you couldn’t solve it but this simple gesture will show your responsibility towards your partner.

3. Stonewalling

Stonewalling refers to withdrawing from any interaction and conversation even though physically present. People often get frustrated and agitated. And in such situation, they cannot engage in a proper conversation. This causes them to withdraw from the situation and avoid any conversation. Although this is a natural response for most of the people; however this can be harmful as no conversation at all can further escalate the problem.

4. Putting your partner down

Putting your partner down (in both moral and intellectual sense), making fun of them in a mean way can ruin your relationship. This conveys your disgust for your partner, and thus, conflict resolution becomes impossible.

The willingness to work and repair the cracks is the key to a healthy relationship. Avoiding these four factors can help you build a strong relationship.


Teenagers are vulnerable to drug abuse. They usually have an exaggerated sense of invulnerability which makes them prone to resort to drug addiction. However, they do not realise that it can have lasting consequences. Here are a few things that every teenager must know about drug addiction:

It is a disease

Addiction is not a sign of weakness, but it is a severe disease. And this can be only managed through continued efforts and treatment. The initial decision to use drugs is voluntary, but it’s not a sign of weakness. Teenagers tend to try it just for fun but then they get addicted to it.  Drugs contain chemicals that disrupt the way your nerve cells process information and analyse things. This changes your ability to control your impulses and thoughts for further addiction. It is, therefore, important to seek therapy. If you or any of your loved one is struggling with addiction, consult a psychologist today. If you are looking for best psychologist in Kolkata, get in touch with us at

It can cause stunted development

Continuous drug abuse can stunt your psychological development. This might result in a prolonged adolescence. Your mind is incapable of functioning properly and cannot focus on anything. An arrested psychological development can cost you your relationships, career, and social skills.

It causes Emotional Immaturity

Teenagers, who cannot cope with their emotions and feelings, fall prey to drugs. They use drugs to mask their feelings and get away from reality. Since they are afraid of confronting their emotions and resolve conflicts, they cannot effectively communicate and respect any personal boundaries. This hampers their growth capacity. They eventually become emotionally crippled persons.

It leads to Chemical imbalances

Excessive drug abuse in teenagers hampers the flow of brain chemicals. The human brain doesn’t fully mature until the mid-twenties. Exposure to drug abuse during teenage leads to anxiety, stress, mood disorders, and depression in adulthood due to imbalance is brain chemicals.

Drug abuse in teenagers is an underlying mental condition that needs to be addressed early. Drug abuse leads to many other mental disorders in adulthood that affects their quality of life. And that is why it is important to consult a therapist as early as possible. This helps in improving the overall way of life. For any further details, get in touch with us at


Binge eating is a serious mental condition that can be life-threatening as well. It is a complex condition which, if neglected, can result in a number of serious health conditions. Let’s take a look at the serious health issues caused by binge eating:

1. Obesity

This is the most common health problem caused by binge eating. When your calorie intake increases and you do not take active measure in burning those off, you gain weight. Moreover, when you indulge in binge eating, you also tend to feel bad about your weight. This can lead to low self-esteem and result in more overeating.

2. Heart Disease

If you are obese, your heart struggles to pump blood into your lungs and other parts of the body. Binge eating can result in accumulation of fat around your belly which in turn increases your chances of developing conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. All these conditions can leave you vulnerable to heart attack or stroke. The warning signs of heart ailments include shortness of breath, chest pain, sweating, rapid heartbeat etc.

3. Type 2 Diabetes

People suffering from binge eating tend to develop Type 2 diabetes. This is a condition that requires life-long treatment. In case you have already developed Type 2 diabetes, binge eating can only make it worse. The symptoms of Type 2 diabetes include fatigue, numbness or tingling sensation in hands or feet, extreme hunger or thirst, and frequent urge for urination.

4. Depression

Binge eating can also result in depression. People usually indulge in binge eating to boost their moods but this result in low self-esteem and a sense of guilt. As a result, people tend to binge more often. In case you find that you are eating too much even when you are not hungry, it might be a sign of binge eating disorder.

In case you find yourself or any of your loved one battling similar situation, immediately consult a psychologist. If you are looking for a good psychologist in Kolkata, then we can help you. Get in touch with us at and our expert psychologists will help you fight your mental disorders.


Everyone, at some point in their life, feel blue. Sometimes they are able to deal with sadness, anxiety, and depression. However, there are times when they cannot figure out the reason for their mental distress. This is where a therapist (psychologist/psychiatrist) can offer them help. It is important to identify the warning signs in the beginning before the mental anguish becomes unmanageable. Let’s take a look at the warning signs:

1. Phobias

Sometimes, unusual fear of something can make life unbearable. These phobias can cause serious health issues. Do not neglect if you notice unusual behaviour or fear in your loved ones such as fear of water (aquaphobia) or fear of many things (polyphobia). A psychologist can help your loved one overcome such problems.

2. Feeling of Depression

Has your loved one lost interest in everything? Is he/she facing trouble while controlling their emotions? Do they remain sad or fatigued throughout the day? If yes, it’s time to talk to them and try to understand their concerns.

3. Anxiety and Stress

From relationship issues to workplace problems, anything can cause stress and anxiety. However, if left untreated, it can hamper your loved one’s life. Is your loved one having trouble sleeping or focusing? Have they lost their appetite?

4. Addictions

Addictions are often used to escape a stressful situation. If you find your loved ones resorting to excessive drug or alcohol abuse, then take them to a psychologist. They can help your loved one handle the problems.

5. Mental Disorders

Mental disorders such as Schizophrenia, clinical Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) or Bipolar Disorder can disrupt the life of your loved ones. These problems manifest themselves in many ways and can only be handled by a professional psychologist.

6. Feeling disconnected

Does your loved one feel disconnected with the rest of the world? Do they appear disillusioned and they’ve lost interest in spending time with family or friends? If yes, then a psychologist can help him/her gain mental clarity.

7. Strained Relationships

Is your loved one feeling trouble in communicating his/her feeling clearly? Are they constantly engaging in heated arguments with others? If yes, then it’s a sign that your loved one needs consultation.

The early you contact a psychologist, the easier it is to diagnose and treat the problem. Hopefully, this list was helpful. Are you looking for a psychologist in Kolkata? If yes, then visit us. Our team of best psychiatrists can help you get through your problems. Call us at +91 9051 680 953.

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