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If you check out the full form of FOMO, there are high chances that you are not a millennial! Anyone on social media platforms for a large part of the day, or college goers, even school children know the word FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. While the terminology may give away the feeling that this is not a ‘real’ problem, it is actually so, say the psychologists of Kolkata. This perceived fear of not being part of a particular social circle, or a group, can be nerve-wrecking for youngsters, especially teenagers. 


FOMO can have disastrous consequences in academia. Students who are constantly checking their smartphones for updates often neglect their studies. The worst part is that often they don’t care at all. They are so clued in about what is happening all around on the internet that they don’t really have a life, so to say. When they are faced with a real problem, they are unable to do anything constructive to solve it. Rather, their mind is always on what they are missing out. 

The psychological effects of FOMO can be quite damaging. It can turn young, impressionable minds into one that is constantly afraid and looking over their shoulders. They have very little self esteem and they fear that if they miss out, it will reflect poorly on their personality. They are also worried about what people will think about them if they miss out on something as trivial as the latest gossip in town. Moreover, they are deeply insecure about how friends view them. They are concerned that their friends are sharing something or the other among themselves, by leaving them out of the circle. 

You may think that FOMO is something that affects youngsters. Actually older persons can have a deep sense of missing out, too. You will find people checking news channels or newspapers continuously. That is also a case of FOMO. Is there actually any need of knowing every news story coming out if the matter doesn’t concern you directly? Psychologists say that these feelings of being left out, or abandoned, can have far-reaching consequences. If not treated earlier, they can give way to depression. 

If you have a strong FOMO, consult a psychologist on today. 


Anyone watching the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 or the Wimbledon Men’s Final 2019 will know what pressure games are like! As a member of the audience, we got hooked to the proceedings on the field. We jumped in our seats, sweated and at the end, were either elated or disheartened. Now imagine what the situation was on the ground for these sportsperson? They were playing a game with millions of fans hanging onto everything they do. A mistake and everything would be lost. 

Sports psychologists

If you thought that this pressure was meant only for high profile sportsperson, you cannot be farther from the truth. Any youngster playing the sport today, at any level, is subject to scrutiny. For them, the expectations of fans may not be there, but the weight of proving themselves is surely there. There are overbearing parents waiting for them to succeed, the players have high demands from their own skills and there is competition from peers to take the pedestal to the next step. All of this can be quite daunting. 

Any sportsperson wilting under pressure is bound to falter. This is where sports psychologists come into the picture. Earlier on this Moner Alo blog, we had talked about how sports psychologists can help. The demand for trained and professional sports psychologist in Kolkata is getting denser by the day. Sports aren’t just fun and games anymore, after all. It is a career option and unless youngsters settle their mental issues first, they are not going anywhere forward. Teams are hiring sports psychologists for mental conditioning. If professional sportsperson need psychological counselling, you can only imagine what rookies will need. 

What is the job of a sports psychologist? To put it simply, all they do is to help you turn your negative emotions of fear and anxiety into hope and tenacity. Fear of failure, for example, can be quite a challenge. If you convert this fear into energy to perform better, you will be a better player. A sports psychologist can help you achieve that. A sports psychologist in Kolkata will help you understand yourself better, in turn helping the process of preparing for a match and staying stable through it. 

Contact if you want to improve your mental strength as a sportsperson.  


People often get confused when they look for psychological counseling in Kolkata. They are unsure about the difference in the fields of a psychologist and psychiatrist. For some reason, probably due to the impact of mainstream movies, psychiatrists are a more popular name in the lexicon of the layman. As an informed person, you should understand the different between these two fields, despite their similarities.

Let’s dwell with the similarities first. The most obvious among them is definitely their shared interest in matters of the brain and mental health. Both deal with the mind, but in their different manners.

psychological counseling | Psychiatrist in Kolkata | anxiety treatment

A psychologist is not a trained medical personnel. Anyone who has studied psychology at an advanced level, completing their doctorate or even a masters degree qualifies to be a psychologist. A psychiatrist, on the other hand, is a medical doctor. To be a psychiatrist, you have to qualify as a medical doctor first before specializing in the field of psychiatry. From the same vein, a psychologist cannot prescribe medicines like a doctor. A psychiatrist, being a doctor as well, has the rights to prescribe medication.

A psychologist comes into the picture when you are worried about your mental health issues but are not sure about taking medicines. You want to test the waters and find out what is wrong with you before you start on the route of medication. In such a situation, you should definitely go see a psychologist. If you actually need medicines for your problem, you will be referred to a psychiatrist. The inverse is true as well. A psychiatrist may feel that your problem does not require any medicines and refer you to a psychologist.

psychological counseling | Psychiatrist in Kolkata | anxiety treatment

To understand the situation clearly, take a look at a stock response of these two different fields. Suppose you visit a psychologist with a problem, the professional will usually ask you questions about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These are going to reveal to the professional what actually is the problem in your mind. On the other hand, a psychiatrist will approach the problem medically, asking you questions like if you are diabetic or have normal thyroid levels, or had any recent head injuries.

When you are looking for anxiety treatment in Kolkata or psychological counseling, you should figure out what is exactly on your mind. At times, it is quite difficult for a person suffering from mental issues to take an objective call on this matter. Call our desk at Moner Alo, the best psychological counseling in Kolkata, and we will direct you on the right path.


Depression is a silent killer, much like physical conditions like diabetes or thyroids. It eats away at your mental health, destroying you and your confidence inch by inch. Before you realize, you are left quite alone, with no friends or family to speak of. Depression is usually accompanied by mood swings, throwing your social behavior off-gear and alienates you from people who love you.

The mood swings and rude, irate behavior is what others see in you, like the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more buried deep inside your mindscape. Depression can derail your life like nothing else unless you opt for psychological counseling. For starters, you will lose all interest in work, be it studies or professional pursuits. You won’t feel like doing anything but laze around all day. Sometimes, even getting out of bed would seem like a chore that is best avoided.

Psychiatrist in Kolkata | psychological counselling | anxiety treatment | Depression treatment

Because of your tardy work ethics, it doesn’t take much time for a depressed person to lose work or do poorly in studies. Once you are fired, you stay cooped up at home, unable to face anyone. You don’t have the confidence, or the inclination, to look for work in other pastures. If you are a student, and a large percentage of students do suffer from depression, you have no fight in your belly to take up your books and imp drove your scores. It like a loop of unproductive lethargy, that hurts you further down the spiral of failure.

You need the help and guidance of the best psychiatrist in Kolkata. That will help you bounce back and find your true self again. Depression can be a serious threat to relationships as well. No one like a morose and perpetually sad partner, to share a life. It may be that you are not excited about anything in your life but your partner surely does! Unless you can rise above yourself to share the joy of your partner, it will cut serious dents in your relationship. You need the support of your near and close ones to ride through depression. You cannot afford to isolate yourself.

The causes of depression may be varied and range from simple, petty stuff too complicated matters. Whatever may be the reason you are depressed, it takes will power and sometimes, medication, to uplift your mood and start enjoying life again. Do that before you are left all alone and lonely.


In the modern times, life has become simple. There are gadgets and machines to make life convenient and fast. Alongside the time-saving trends, people are getting busier and doing so much more in a day’s span. Yet, at the end of the day, there is emptiness and a feeling of void. It is as if that no matter what and how much they do, they cannot feel complete. Self-esteem is at rock-bottom. This gives rise to psychological problems and anxiety.

A very lucid example of this is what social media does to us. You check into Facebook or Instagram. You see the lives of others, and how happy they are in their own zones! They don’t seem to have anything that bothers them in the least! While you stalk their happy lives, you become acutely aware of how troublesome your own life is.

You have real issues to deal with, about jobs, personal lives, family and the like. You look at your peers from school and college. You become acutely jealous of what they have achieved in their lives and how far they have raced ahead. Result: you feel a choking attack of depression.

Psychological Counselling in Kolkata | Psychiatrist in Kolkata | Psychological problems

Studies have shown how people can be so much happier if they ditch social media networks like Facebook! But they are such a necessary evil these days. Work pressure adds to this cause. You return home stressed and full of anxiety. For most, the next day’s job isn’t secure either.

The collective weight on your psyche is too much for most to bear. They break down and develop mental issues which largely lie undetected and untreated. It is your near ones who feel the ill-effects first. However, when they suggest you opt for psychological counselling, you brush off their advice and suggestions.

The adverse effects of psychological disorders, a common by-product of modern lifestyle, can cause immense mental and physical health hazards. Instead of ignoring them, you should consult the best psychiatrist in Kolkata. It will help you overcome the pitfalls of modern life and lead a healthy, happy life. A period of meditation every morning, some light exercises and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in helping you overcome the blues that might otherwise steal the sheen of your life.

Get in touch with us, the best psychological counselling in Kolkata, today and live a better life tomorrow.

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