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Let’s begin this post with a defining stat: one in ten Americans is mentally affected. This affectation could be mental instability, depression or some disorder that calls for psychiatric evaluation. And here we are talking about one of the most developed nations of the world where people enjoy rights and privileges, along with financial security from the government or through employment! There must be something wrong that calls for so many people to seek psychological counseling in a developed nation, let alone a developing country like India.

It seems that modern life itself contains the origins of psychiatric problems. The pressure to perform is definitely right at the top of the heap. You are always required to perform to the best of your ability, and sometimes, to transcend it somehow! Several cases, especially youngsters, coming in for psychological counseling in Kolkata, are depressed because they are unable to meet their own expectations. They are aiming for a mark that is too high for them, both professionally and personally. Their inevitable failure to hit this high mark is a reason for their mental illness.

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Another origin of this problem has to be peer pressure. Modern life always pits one person against another. You are almost never treated or judged in isolation, right from your very childhood. It is not enough that you perform well in studies; you have to perform better than your peers. The same happens when you are a professional. You are always fighting with others in the fray. Your work is measured against another’s before a call is taken on its efficacy. This pressure to match up to peers surely brings people down for psychological counseling.

Then again there is the pressure to achieve something in life. Achievement is all about how you are shaping up your career. You are expected to grab a well-paying job, settle down with a family in a cozy urban nook and live life king-size. However, there are so many others trying the same kind of life! You are up against stiff competition and you will win some and lose some. Social media connects with old friends will never let you forget what you could have achieved but didn’t and they did! That is some serious depression material for most people out there.

It is not possible to live a life anymore that does not come with worries and anxieties. We need to cope better and help is at hand with Moner Alo, a leading psychological counseling unit in Kolkata.     


It is not an easy job for a psychological counseling unit to earn the trust of people. Despite the best facilities and counselors, it takes more to come up as a trustworthy brand. Moner Alo, the definite psychological counseling unit in Kolkata, has traversed that path to become a brand you can bank upon. We have years of experience of working in this field. This gives us credibility to handle psychological counseling for your loved one.

There are many reasons why we are the best choice for anxiety treatment in Kolkata, along with other strands of mental illness. The most important among them is surely our ability to connect with people who come to us with mental issues. Instead of questioning their behaviour, or suggesting quick-fire ways to get better, our specialists instil a sense of confidence in the concerned person before moving on to other areas of treatment. More often than not, the regained confidence in the self does a world of good for a person struggling with mental health.

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Secondly, Moner Alo is at the forefront of OCD treatment in Kolkata. Our experts have the knowledge and the experience of dealing with this mental issue. The best psychiatrists in Kolkata work under our umbrella, making it possible for you to get medications for your illness, along with simple counseling. Psychologists work with us as well, making it possible for you to have the option of getting better without any medication if the case is such. Should you need medication, you can rely on our psychiatrists to prescribe medicines that are an absolute must for the concerned case.

There is another reason why Moner Alo happens to be the best choice for psychological counseling in Kolkata. Our experts keep the friends and family of the concerned person always in the loop. After all, you need to know the line of treatment and the approach toward the cure. In spite of the technicalities involved, we make sure you understand the problem and the solution in layman terms. This gives you a handle on the progress of your loved one as well. Moreover, you can talk to our professionals whenever you want and discuss the treatment with them.

Psychological problems can be crippling for the concerned person, as well as for people around. Team up with Moner Alo today to fight this problem.  

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