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Children of all ages are vulnerable to sexual abuse. The majority of the children do not report incidents of sexual abuse to their parents or teachers. They do not understand what’s happening to them and how to explain these things to others. However, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to reduce your kid’s vulnerability to sexual abuse. And that is why; you need to talk to him/her. But how do you talk with a kid about sexual abuse? We know that it’s an uncomfortable subject, especially when the child is too young to understand. However, there are ways to deal with the problem. Let’s take a look at the ways you can discuss it with your child:

1. Start Early

Start talking to your child as soon as he/she is able to grasp the subject. Children studying in pre-schools can grasp these concepts if you teach them in a language appropriate for their age.

2. Teach them Identify their private parts

When you are teaching them to identify their body parts such as eyes, ear, hands, and nose, teach them to identify their private parts as well. Remember to use correct names to identify these body parts and avoid giving them names. It is important that the child is aware of his/her anatomy and can describe what happened to them.

3. Frame  the conversation around safety

“Abuse” might seem scary to your kid. Instead, try to start the conversation by discussing “safety” concerns. Make it a daily routine while doing daily activities such as bathing or changing clothes. Use terms such as “safe touch” and “unsafe touch” to explain. Give examples of “safe touch” such as parents changing diapers or doctors during an examination with parents in the room. Similarly, give examples for “unsafe touch” such as person touching their private parts in a way that makes the kid uncomfortable.

4. Do not create a taboo

You might feel uncomfortable about discussing such topics but avoid creating a taboo around the private parts. Teach your kids that their private parts are special and that no one else can touch it unless they are helping the kids to keep them clean, healthy, and safe. Do not make the child feel uncomfortable and teach them it’s inappropriate to touch other’s private parts even if someone asks them to do so.

5. Teach them to Share everything with parents

Many times, the abuser tells the child to keep it secret and tell no one, especially the parents. Teach your kid that a secret can be shared with parents. Also, teach them not to trust anyone who asks them to keep secrets from parents.

Most importantly, teach your kids that it’s not their fault if they are touched in inappropriate ways. It is better to consult a psychiatrist in case a kid undergoes such trauma. If you want to get in touch with famous psychiatrists in Kolkata, contact us today.

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