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Everyone, at some point in their life, feel blue. Sometimes they are able to deal with sadness, anxiety, and depression. However, there are times when they cannot figure out the reason for their mental distress. This is where a therapist (psychologist/psychiatrist) can offer them help. It is important to identify the warning signs in the beginning before the mental anguish becomes unmanageable. Let’s take a look at the warning signs:

1. Phobias

Sometimes, unusual fear of something can make life unbearable. These phobias can cause serious health issues. Do not neglect if you notice unusual behaviour or fear in your loved ones such as fear of water (aquaphobia) or fear of many things (polyphobia). A psychologist can help your loved one overcome such problems.

2. Feeling of Depression

Has your loved one lost interest in everything? Is he/she facing trouble while controlling their emotions? Do they remain sad or fatigued throughout the day? If yes, it’s time to talk to them and try to understand their concerns.

3. Anxiety and Stress

From relationship issues to workplace problems, anything can cause stress and anxiety. However, if left untreated, it can hamper your loved one’s life. Is your loved one having trouble sleeping or focusing? Have they lost their appetite?

4. Addictions

Addictions are often used to escape a stressful situation. If you find your loved ones resorting to excessive drug or alcohol abuse, then take them to a psychologist. They can help your loved one handle the problems.

5. Mental Disorders

Mental disorders such as Schizophrenia, clinical Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) or Bipolar Disorder can disrupt the life of your loved ones. These problems manifest themselves in many ways and can only be handled by a professional psychologist.

6. Feeling disconnected

Does your loved one feel disconnected with the rest of the world? Do they appear disillusioned and they’ve lost interest in spending time with family or friends? If yes, then a psychologist can help him/her gain mental clarity.

7. Strained Relationships

Is your loved one feeling trouble in communicating his/her feeling clearly? Are they constantly engaging in heated arguments with others? If yes, then it’s a sign that your loved one needs consultation.

The early you contact a psychologist, the easier it is to diagnose and treat the problem. Hopefully, this list was helpful. Are you looking for a psychologist in Kolkata? If yes, then visit us. Our team of best psychiatrists can help you get through your problems. Call us at +91 9051 680 953.

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