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It is wrong to assume that any psychologist in Kolkata will expect you to rush for counseling each time your child shows erratic behavior! In fact, psychologists who are professionally trained know that parents can take up the role of a psychologist partially. With love, care and confidence-building measures, parents can help a child find their mental strength. Psychologists point out three crucial times when a ‘wait and watch’ policy for a child is better than rushing off to get psychological counseling. 

The first one is parents are going through a divorce. During such testing times, when the child’s only place of refuge, the home, is threatened, it is only normal for a child to feel insecure and somehow responsible for the divorce. Children coming from broken homes are almost always burdened with psychological issues later on in life. So, you have to be careful as a parent to minimize the impact of a divorce on a child’s psyche. Try to have frank, meaningful conversations with the child. If both parents are committed to helping the child during this testing phase, psychological counseling is usually not needed.

The second instance is when a child changes school. It may be due to the job transfer of a parent or other personal reasons. Changing a school, leaving behind a known setup and friends, can be monumental for a child. The new school offers challenges which the child may not be ready to handle. Moreover, there may be bullying or inferiority complexes in the mix. In such scenarios, a child will react in a bizarre manner. Regular conversations with the parents will bring forth issues that the child is worried about. When you know about the problems, try to work out solutions with the child’s opinion. 

The third instance is when a new sibling is present in the house. Children are bound to feel threatened and their parents’ love shared. They may feel neglected and sidelined even when you do your best to accommodate the elder child. In such cases, you can delegate a duty to the elder child, if the child is old enough to handle them, like massaging cream on the new baby’s limbs. When the elder child finds themselves in a position of responsibility toward the new sibling, the negative emotions dissipate quickly. You won’t need a child psychologist in Kolkata if you handle the situation in a matured way, keeping the elder child’s fears and concerns in mind. 

However, if you truly feel a psychologist in Kolkata is needed, get in touch with  


In any long-term relationship, there are challenges that can completely ruin the relationship. There are certain behavioural traits that when avoided, can improve the quality of your relationship. Here are a few factors that can make your relationship hit rock bottom:

1. Blaming and Accusation

This is one of the ultimate kisses of death for any relationship.  The tendency to accuse or blame your partner can strain any relationship. If you want to have a quality and healthy relationship, always give the other person benefit of doubt and instead of assuming the worst, assume the best. People can never match the exact levels of your expectations. They tend to rise and fall. When you behave in a respectful and fair manner, even if the other person has done something wrong, he or she will show a desire to justify your faith in them. If you are facing problems in your relationship, then it’s time that you should seek help from a psychologist or marriage counsellor. If you are looking for good psychologist in Kolkata, get in touch with Moner Alo at

2. Defensiveness

In a relationship, when you get defensive, it shows that you no longer care about that relationship and you do not care about your partner. Driving away concerns or criticism can mean an end to your relationship as it demonstrates a lack of responsibility. Defensiveness escalates the problems further. Rather than being defensive, try talking with your partner and discuss the problems. Even if you couldn’t solve it but this simple gesture will show your responsibility towards your partner.

3. Stonewalling

Stonewalling refers to withdrawing from any interaction and conversation even though physically present. People often get frustrated and agitated. And in such situation, they cannot engage in a proper conversation. This causes them to withdraw from the situation and avoid any conversation. Although this is a natural response for most of the people; however this can be harmful as no conversation at all can further escalate the problem.

4. Putting your partner down

Putting your partner down (in both moral and intellectual sense), making fun of them in a mean way can ruin your relationship. This conveys your disgust for your partner, and thus, conflict resolution becomes impossible.

The willingness to work and repair the cracks is the key to a healthy relationship. Avoiding these four factors can help you build a strong relationship.

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