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Every human being has idiosyncrasies that are as unique as themselves. However, there is a fine line that defines quirky behaviour from a full-blown mental disorder. But, how do you know whether you need to seek mental help or not? How do you know whether you need to visit a psychiatrist or not? Here is a list of a few behavioural signs that indicates you might need to seek help:

1. You are having difficulty in coping with your day-to-day life

You might have noticed that you are not able to function the way you used to or in a way which is appropriate for you in that particular situation. Also, there is no reasonable explanation for your diminishing coping skills. While some mental disorders develop with time, some have a pretty fast onset. If you see these signs, immediately seek help from a good psychiatrist. If you are looking for good psychiatrists in Kolkata, come to us. We can help you. Contact us today at and let our experts help you deal with your mental issue.

2. You have frequent and impulsive mood swings

There are a number of psychiatric disorders that cause impulsive mood fluctuations. The changes can be very rapid (as in the case of Borderline Personality Disorder) or can continue for weeks or months (as in Bipolar Disorder). If you see lingering signs of erratic mood, it’s time to seek help from a qualified psychiatrist.

3. You feel sad and hopeless all the time

A lingering and constant feeling of sadness, worthlessness and hopelessness is often a red flag for depression. While you can occasionally feel sadness or down, it is a part of life; however, if it is long lasting or chronic, then you need to visit a psychiatrist. If you also detect other symptoms such as poor concentration, low energy, sleep disturbances, or hopelessness, then you might be suffering from Clinical Depression.

4. Suicidal Thoughts

This is mainly associated with Major Depression. It might also indicate other mood disorders. If suicidal thoughts are crossing your mind lately, then you need to seek help from a psychiatrist immediately.

Although there is a broad range of symptoms to detect signs of mental disorder if you are experiencing any of these behaviours, it’s better to visit a psychiatrist immediately. The quicker you go, the sooner you will be on the path of recovery.

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