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Bipolar Disorder is a mental disorder characterised by extreme mood swings. The patient suffering from bipolar disorder experience cycles of extreme elevated and depressed mood and these cycles can last for hours, days, weeks and even several months. In many cases, the moods can get mixed, thus, the patient might feel happy and depressed both at the same time. Symptoms of bipolar disorder usually occur by late teens or early adulthood. Here are a few common signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder to look for:

1.Racing Thoughts

Usually, during the elevated period of bipolar disorder or the manic phase, the patient experiences an overflow of thoughts in his/her mind. Their minds are brimming with ideas, inspirations, emotions and they usually find it difficult to handle such racing thoughts. You can notice this with their irregular speech patterns. Patients cannot carry on a conversation for long and keep jumping between ideas.

2.Suicidal Thoughts

This is one of the most serious signs of bipolar disorder. During the depression phase, the patient might feel so low that they begin to contemplate suicide. Even when they are under medication, the suicidal thoughts tend to linger. In case you know anyone who is battling with bipolar disorder, consult a psychiatrist immediately. Find the best psychiatrists in Kolkata at Moner Alo. Book an appointment today !

3.Social Withdrawal

During the depression phase, the patient usually isolates them from the rest of the world. They lack interest in all social activities and avoid attending any social event. However, this social withdrawal further aggravates their symptoms and increases their social anxiety.

4.Inflated Ego

Unlike the depressive phase when they experience self-loathing, people suffering from bipolar disorder can also develop an inflated ego. This is particularly during the manic phase. They might disregard people in public places or show off their clothing and accessories. However, when this phase is over, they are gripped by a sense of guilt that further plunges them into self-loathing and depression.

5.Impulsive behaviour

During a manic phase, the patient might feel impulsive. This makes them behave in an inappropriate or irresponsible. For instance, they might undertake activities that are usually dangerous or reckless that the normal people usually refrain from doing.

If you see any of these symptoms, then do not wait. Consult a psychiatrist today and prevent any further complications.

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