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It is wrong to assume that any psychologist in Kolkata will expect you to rush for counseling each time your child shows erratic behavior! In fact, psychologists who are professionally trained know that parents can take up the role of a psychologist partially. With love, care and confidence-building measures, parents can help a child find their mental strength. Psychologists point out three crucial times when a ‘wait and watch’ policy for a child is better than rushing off to get psychological counseling. 

The first one is parents are going through a divorce. During such testing times, when the child’s only place of refuge, the home, is threatened, it is only normal for a child to feel insecure and somehow responsible for the divorce. Children coming from broken homes are almost always burdened with psychological issues later on in life. So, you have to be careful as a parent to minimize the impact of a divorce on a child’s psyche. Try to have frank, meaningful conversations with the child. If both parents are committed to helping the child during this testing phase, psychological counseling is usually not needed.

The second instance is when a child changes school. It may be due to the job transfer of a parent or other personal reasons. Changing a school, leaving behind a known setup and friends, can be monumental for a child. The new school offers challenges which the child may not be ready to handle. Moreover, there may be bullying or inferiority complexes in the mix. In such scenarios, a child will react in a bizarre manner. Regular conversations with the parents will bring forth issues that the child is worried about. When you know about the problems, try to work out solutions with the child’s opinion. 

The third instance is when a new sibling is present in the house. Children are bound to feel threatened and their parents’ love shared. They may feel neglected and sidelined even when you do your best to accommodate the elder child. In such cases, you can delegate a duty to the elder child, if the child is old enough to handle them, like massaging cream on the new baby’s limbs. When the elder child finds themselves in a position of responsibility toward the new sibling, the negative emotions dissipate quickly. You won’t need a child psychologist in Kolkata if you handle the situation in a matured way, keeping the elder child’s fears and concerns in mind. 

However, if you truly feel a psychologist in Kolkata is needed, get in touch with  


Bullies are part of folklore and stories for centuries. They exist and everyone knows someone or the other who is a bully. Bullies exist in schools, colleges, work places and even in public transport like buses or trains. They are known by their loud, obnoxious behavior and their picking of targets to bully. That classical model of bullying has entered cyber space and internet for a long time now. Cyber bullying is equally damaging to the psyche as the traditional form of bullying. 

For this post, we asked some trained psychologists at, the best psychology clinic in Kolkata, about the harmful effects of cyber bullying among the most vulnerable: teenagers. With social media use rampant and reckless, teenagers put out a lot of information about their personal lives on the internet. That includes pictures, contact details and glimpses into their lifestyle and choices. Anyone who expresses opinions different from the popular, and henceforth accepted norm, are subjected to cyber bullies, broadly called trolls.

No one online is free from cyber bullying. Celebrities with millions of followers are also trolled and bullied. However, for teenagers, the bullying can get extremely personal. It will have a deep negative effect on the fragile mind and ego of a teenager. It gives rise to low self esteem and inferiority complexes. It can wash away confidence, motivation and sometimes, the will to live. Cyber bullying also happens in groups, where an entire gang of friends go up against one of their own who has defied the collective opinion. In such cases, the victim finds themselves friendless and without any support system whatsoever. 

Parents need to be very vigilant about teenagers subjected to cyber bullying. You will know about it only if you study the unusual behavioral patterns of your child. Mood swings, fading academic grades, hopelessness written large on the face and general disinterestedness about life, all of these are typical syndromes of cyber bullying. Sometimes the lifestyle of a teenager and their family can become an object of ridicule for cyber bullies. As a parent, you may not have the psychological training to bring out the facts from a rebellious teenager.

Consulting a psychologist in Kolkata is your safest and best option. With proper counselling, victims of cyber bullying can be brought back to lead normal lives.   


Dissociative identity disorder or DID is popularly known as split personality disorder. The reason for this moniker is that there are more than one self within the body of the person affected. There can be two or more ‘alter’ egos present in the body of a single person. The affected person switches between these different and disparate personalities at uncertain times of the clock. The switch can happen after seconds, minutes or even days. No one can predict it, not even the person affected. 

Split personality disorder has been the theme of several movies across the globe. Sometimes, there are multiple personalities present in a single person, which is termed multiple personality disorder. Therapists are able to bring out these various personalities through hypnosis. During the process, the affected person may reveal personalities which are totally different from each other, or from the person who is affected by it. There are differences of gender, race, ethnicity or even location. 

It cannot be said for certain as to who is affected by split personality disorder. There is no direct link or pattern visible for psychologists to make a calculated guess. But psychologists in Kolkata at say that the victims are usually those who have suffered repeated mental, physical or sexual abuse at some point in their early life, usually before the age of 6. The repeated brutality triggers the mind to develop personalities that are antithesis to the real one. It is like a defence mechanism to overcome the extreme trauma faced by the victim. 

There are reported instances of violence committed by persons affected by split personality disorder. The violence may be directed towards a person or group which may be the tormentor of the person. The violence may even be directed towards the self in response to their inability to fight back. That is why people suffering from split personality disorder require immediate treatment. It is not just the switching phase which is dangerous. Such people can experience severe headache and loss of time. When they switch, they are unable to recall anything they do during that phase when the other personality takes over.

Trained and professional psychologists in Kolkata should be consulted to help the affected person cope with this form of mental ailment. 


Why 6? Because it’s the magic number!

We have all been there – the fear of speaking in the public. The phobia of opening up in public is as common as a common cold (too much of common?). In fact, the fear of speaking in public is (hilariously) common than the fear of death; as put by a survey

So don’t consider yourself an outcast if you just can’t open up in front of everybody as we are here to help. Follow these 6 tips which can reduce your fear of public speaking:

1. Preparation (but not procrastination)

Improvisation is certainly not your cup of tea if you are already procrastinating about the prospect of speaking out to all. The obvious of all things to consider is preparing a couple of days (or weeks!) rigorously before your big day. It is often said that practising in front of a mirror helps a lot (and is actually true). The greatest example to this would be Steve Jobs as he would spend days rehearsing on his presentations.

2. Pick up your mess, sort out your fear

As brilliantly stated by Matt Haughey in his “An Introvert’s Guide to Better Presentation,” the only way to come out of your fear of speaking in public is to understand the biology of it. It is very normal to be under pressure when there are hundreds and thousands of people staring at you while you speak. You can calm yourself by setting up a mindset that those curious eyes are not sticking around to judge you but to learn from you.

3. Relax!

Prior to your ‘big day,’ be sure to spend a healthy time and have fun. Go out with friends (or a date), watch movies and inspirational speeches. According to a study, listening to music (especially energetic-tunes) helps a lot in revving up. Read more at

4. Play it cool, go easy!

The worst consequence that this phobia can impose is make you look like a robot while you are giving out your presentation. So cut some slack, loosen your shoulder, flex those muscles and take deep breaths. Most importantly, show humanness. In other words, be the real you and effuse authenticity, share your personal stories and even crack some jokes. Letting your audience get amused by your sense of humour which will make your presentation worthwhile.

5. Fun up your presentation

Don’t be a smartass and present your audience with supernumerary of information to the point that they get bored (and even pissed off!). To engage your audience towards the message that you want to portray, incorporate fun tidbits in between. Make your point short and easily digestible; this way you’ll save the day.

6. Be ready to make mistakes

Bear in mind that you are not an automated program and you are liable to make human errors. Don’t expect your presentation to go perfect, especially if it’s your first. To go pro in this department, you need experience and the more you present yourself out to the public, the better you’ll get in gaining popularity.

Best Psychiatrists in Kolkata

If these (carefully selected) tips still don’t help you in getting over with the fear of speaking in public, then consult with a psychiatrist. If you stay in Kolkata, consult with our expert psychiatrists.


With people getting more tech-savvy, socialising has acquired a new definition.  Now, socialising doesn’t mean get-togethers with friends or family; but it means how many social networking sites you are active in. Social media addiction has grown up to such a level that people now update their status from the bathroom or prefers Facebook over a conventional chat. The problem is growing and needs to be addressed. Here are ways to deal with social media addiction:

Rehabilitation and Psychological Treatment

The first step is to admit that you are addicted to social media. Once you accept it, seek professional help from a good psychiatrist. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT has shown to be effective in dealing with social media addiction. It helps in evaluating your uneven thoughts, identifies the addictive behaviour and applies various behavioural strategies to address the issue. This therapy also helps you manage your emotions and improves your mood by reducing stress and anxiety. If you are seeking good psychiatrists in Kolkata, then we can help.  Get in touch with our experts at and get rid of any addiction and mental issues.

Turn off notification

Notifications and activity updates from various social media sites keep your phone buzzing constantly. With all those sounds, you feel there are lots of things happening out there. This breaks your concentration and hampers your task in hand. Cut the distraction by keeping the notifications off. Check them when you have finished your work.

Limit your usage

Restrict the amount of time you spend on the social media. Choose a time limit depending on the severity of your addiction. For instance, if you spend 4 to 5 hours each day on social media restrict it to one hour. Set the timer on your watch or phone. Do not extend the time once it’s over. A strong willpower is what you need to kick this addiction.

Get a Hobby

Pick a new hobby. Learn a musical instrument, take up gardening or learn a new language. When you keep yourself busy in doings new things in your spare time, your online time will automatically decrease. Moreover, you can learn a new skill in between.

Apart from all these, try spending time with your family and friends. You do not need to document each moment but try making new memories and enjoying every bit. For any further assistance on any psychiatric issue, get in touch with us at

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