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Bullies are part of folklore and stories for centuries. They exist and everyone knows someone or the other who is a bully. Bullies exist in schools, colleges, work places and even in public transport like buses or trains. They are known by their loud, obnoxious behavior and their picking of targets to bully. That classical model of bullying has entered cyber space and internet for a long time now. Cyber bullying is equally damaging to the psyche as the traditional form of bullying. 

For this post, we asked some trained psychologists at, the best psychology clinic in Kolkata, about the harmful effects of cyber bullying among the most vulnerable: teenagers. With social media use rampant and reckless, teenagers put out a lot of information about their personal lives on the internet. That includes pictures, contact details and glimpses into their lifestyle and choices. Anyone who expresses opinions different from the popular, and henceforth accepted norm, are subjected to cyber bullies, broadly called trolls.

No one online is free from cyber bullying. Celebrities with millions of followers are also trolled and bullied. However, for teenagers, the bullying can get extremely personal. It will have a deep negative effect on the fragile mind and ego of a teenager. It gives rise to low self esteem and inferiority complexes. It can wash away confidence, motivation and sometimes, the will to live. Cyber bullying also happens in groups, where an entire gang of friends go up against one of their own who has defied the collective opinion. In such cases, the victim finds themselves friendless and without any support system whatsoever. 

Parents need to be very vigilant about teenagers subjected to cyber bullying. You will know about it only if you study the unusual behavioral patterns of your child. Mood swings, fading academic grades, hopelessness written large on the face and general disinterestedness about life, all of these are typical syndromes of cyber bullying. Sometimes the lifestyle of a teenager and their family can become an object of ridicule for cyber bullies. As a parent, you may not have the psychological training to bring out the facts from a rebellious teenager.

Consulting a psychologist in Kolkata is your safest and best option. With proper counselling, victims of cyber bullying can be brought back to lead normal lives.   


If you check out the full form of FOMO, there are high chances that you are not a millennial! Anyone on social media platforms for a large part of the day, or college goers, even school children know the word FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. While the terminology may give away the feeling that this is not a ‘real’ problem, it is actually so, say the psychologists of Kolkata. This perceived fear of not being part of a particular social circle, or a group, can be nerve-wrecking for youngsters, especially teenagers. 


FOMO can have disastrous consequences in academia. Students who are constantly checking their smartphones for updates often neglect their studies. The worst part is that often they don’t care at all. They are so clued in about what is happening all around on the internet that they don’t really have a life, so to say. When they are faced with a real problem, they are unable to do anything constructive to solve it. Rather, their mind is always on what they are missing out. 

The psychological effects of FOMO can be quite damaging. It can turn young, impressionable minds into one that is constantly afraid and looking over their shoulders. They have very little self esteem and they fear that if they miss out, it will reflect poorly on their personality. They are also worried about what people will think about them if they miss out on something as trivial as the latest gossip in town. Moreover, they are deeply insecure about how friends view them. They are concerned that their friends are sharing something or the other among themselves, by leaving them out of the circle. 

You may think that FOMO is something that affects youngsters. Actually older persons can have a deep sense of missing out, too. You will find people checking news channels or newspapers continuously. That is also a case of FOMO. Is there actually any need of knowing every news story coming out if the matter doesn’t concern you directly? Psychologists say that these feelings of being left out, or abandoned, can have far-reaching consequences. If not treated earlier, they can give way to depression. 

If you have a strong FOMO, consult a psychologist on today. 


Did you know that for centuries, there was no such field as child psychology? Children were treated on the same scale as adults when it came to mental health issues! Thankfully, things turned around with child psychology now a field of study which is gaining popularity among parents. This is quite the scene in Kolkata, where there was a spate of incidents involving school children of reputed city schools. There are also disturbing reports of children buying drugs from peddlers in front of A-list Kolkata schools. 

All of these incidents have prompted school authorities and parents alike to look at children as living entities with minds of their own. For a long time now, parents have burdened children with their expectations and worries. When these hapless children could not measure up to their demands, the parents put the blame squarely on their young shoulders. Ask any psychologist in Kolkata and you would know that mental health worries of school children are often linked and tied with their parents. 

School children are being counselled across schools, with the state government joining the trend, albeit late. Child psychologists can help parents deal with difficult children. Urban schools have children with a lot of expectations from them, with mounting competition and contracting opportunities. You would find such children living a quiet life, with sad, disheartened faces. Unless they open up their bottled feelings and emotions, you cannot get a peek into their minds. A trained psychologist can do that. 

Parents of school children are finally awake to the benefits of child psychology. They are not stigma-wary anymore of taking their child to a psychologist or psychiatrist in Kolkata. Even state-run hospitals and clinics are seeing parents with teenagers lined up for psychological counselling. With more parents willing to offer children the help they need for mental issues, child psychology will reach out to many more who are yet to get help., the top psychology clinic in Kolkata, has a reputed and experienced team of child psychologists to help your child find their feet, and mojo, back again. Children with healthy minds are the future.    


Losing a job can have disastrous consequences on the mind. If you have worked somewhere for years, leaving behind all those co-workers and the many relationships you have forged during your time there, can be a harrowing task. The sudden financial insecurity is another problem that job losers have to work on, especially because almost everyone has EMIs to pay. The abrupt landing from a financially secure place to a totally vague future is a lot to take in. 

Many job losers get really angry and depressed, losing every desire to get up from bed and look for another job. Even if they try to get over the period by working feverishly on their resumes and touching base with professional contacts, that initial euphoria dies down in a while when you don’t get a job immediately. This period of rejection from potential employers is too tough to handle because it only makes you more desperate and worried. 

Such a mental state is never idle for job seekers. If you are depressed and look beaten, you will find it tough to convince interviewers that you are ready for a new job. Your state of hopelessness shines through and you don’t get the job despite having the qualifications. This is when you need to work on your mind with the help of a psychologist. A trained, professional psychologist will work on your mental issues and address your fears. 

More often than not, it is the fear of living as an unemployed person despite several financial commitments on the table is what scares the living daylights out of anyone. But if you continue to dwell on the fear, you will remain cooped up in this sorry state. You need to meet this phase of your life with a positive outlook. This is something that a psychologist in Kolkata will help you attain. There are group therapy and individual sessions that you can attend. It will reinstate your faith in your ability. That will go a long way in developing the right frame of mind for a job seeker. 

Get in touch with for trained psychologists in Kolkata for your personal issues like job loss stress, among other reasons. 


Anyone watching the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 or the Wimbledon Men’s Final 2019 will know what pressure games are like! As a member of the audience, we got hooked to the proceedings on the field. We jumped in our seats, sweated and at the end, were either elated or disheartened. Now imagine what the situation was on the ground for these sportsperson? They were playing a game with millions of fans hanging onto everything they do. A mistake and everything would be lost. 

Sports psychologists

If you thought that this pressure was meant only for high profile sportsperson, you cannot be farther from the truth. Any youngster playing the sport today, at any level, is subject to scrutiny. For them, the expectations of fans may not be there, but the weight of proving themselves is surely there. There are overbearing parents waiting for them to succeed, the players have high demands from their own skills and there is competition from peers to take the pedestal to the next step. All of this can be quite daunting. 

Any sportsperson wilting under pressure is bound to falter. This is where sports psychologists come into the picture. Earlier on this Moner Alo blog, we had talked about how sports psychologists can help. The demand for trained and professional sports psychologist in Kolkata is getting denser by the day. Sports aren’t just fun and games anymore, after all. It is a career option and unless youngsters settle their mental issues first, they are not going anywhere forward. Teams are hiring sports psychologists for mental conditioning. If professional sportsperson need psychological counselling, you can only imagine what rookies will need. 

What is the job of a sports psychologist? To put it simply, all they do is to help you turn your negative emotions of fear and anxiety into hope and tenacity. Fear of failure, for example, can be quite a challenge. If you convert this fear into energy to perform better, you will be a better player. A sports psychologist can help you achieve that. A sports psychologist in Kolkata will help you understand yourself better, in turn helping the process of preparing for a match and staying stable through it. 

Contact if you want to improve your mental strength as a sportsperson.  


Let’s begin this post with a defining stat: one in ten Americans is mentally affected. This affectation could be mental instability, depression or some disorder that calls for psychiatric evaluation. And here we are talking about one of the most developed nations of the world where people enjoy rights and privileges, along with financial security from the government or through employment! There must be something wrong that calls for so many people to seek psychological counseling in a developed nation, let alone a developing country like India.

It seems that modern life itself contains the origins of psychiatric problems. The pressure to perform is definitely right at the top of the heap. You are always required to perform to the best of your ability, and sometimes, to transcend it somehow! Several cases, especially youngsters, coming in for psychological counseling in Kolkata, are depressed because they are unable to meet their own expectations. They are aiming for a mark that is too high for them, both professionally and personally. Their inevitable failure to hit this high mark is a reason for their mental illness.

Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata | psychological counselling | best psychiatrist in barasat

Another origin of this problem has to be peer pressure. Modern life always pits one person against another. You are almost never treated or judged in isolation, right from your very childhood. It is not enough that you perform well in studies; you have to perform better than your peers. The same happens when you are a professional. You are always fighting with others in the fray. Your work is measured against another’s before a call is taken on its efficacy. This pressure to match up to peers surely brings people down for psychological counseling.

Then again there is the pressure to achieve something in life. Achievement is all about how you are shaping up your career. You are expected to grab a well-paying job, settle down with a family in a cozy urban nook and live life king-size. However, there are so many others trying the same kind of life! You are up against stiff competition and you will win some and lose some. Social media connects with old friends will never let you forget what you could have achieved but didn’t and they did! That is some serious depression material for most people out there.

It is not possible to live a life anymore that does not come with worries and anxieties. We need to cope better and help is at hand with Moner Alo, a leading psychological counseling unit in Kolkata.     


Everyone has negative thoughts running inside their mind from time to time. From worrying about the future to replaying some unpleasant event from the past, negative thoughts often prevent us from viewing the positive aspects of life. While having negative thoughts for a while is normal, but if it becomes persistent, then it can distract you from focusing on what’s important for you and leave you fatigued. Constant negative thoughts often lead to depression. Fortunately, you can fight them and replace them with happy thoughts. Here are a few ways you can cope with your negative thoughts:

1. Recognise the pattern of thought distortion

The mind has its way of convincing you that something isn’t right. This is when you get negative thoughts. Try to identify the patterns. The most common patterns are:

* Personalisation: you assume that you are to be blamed for anything that goes wrong.
* Catastrophising: assuming only the worst outcome
* Black and White thinking: Seeing everything the other way
* Filter thinking: seeing only the negatives
* Once you recognise the pattern, challenge them.

2. Let it out

If you suppress your negative thoughts, it can further push you into depression. Don’t bottle them up but release them. Talk about the situation with someone close to you. When you vent your feelings, you gain new perspectives and see things in different light. Moreover, talking about it with someone can help you get an action plan to overcome the situation. If this doesn’t help, then consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. They are experts in guiding you towards the light. Want to consult the best psychiatrist in Kolkata? Get in touch with us at

3. Don’t be judgemental

In our mind, we are always judging and comparing ourselves. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are always comparing ourselves with others and this often causes dissatisfaction. Do not be judgemental. Always take a situation positively and look at your positive attributes.

4. Be grateful

Being grateful for things or situations has a significant impact on your attitude. When you are feeling down or going through a tough phase, try to remember things for which you are grateful. From the help offered by your friends to having a loving family, it can be anything. When you begin to notice the things that make you happy, you feel positive.

We hope that these tips will help you manage your negative thoughts and replace them with happy ones.


Schizophrenia is a serious condition that affects the way a person thinks, feels, and acts. Many people suffering from this mental condition have difficulty in differentiating between what is real and what is imaginary. Let’s take a look at the signs and symptoms of Schizophrenia:

1. Hallucination

People with Schizophrenia tend to hallucinate. In other words, they might see or hear things that do not exist. For a person with Schizophrenia, these experiences are normal and they have a real impact on them. They might hallucinate in any form. Most common form of hallucination includes hearing imaginary voices. In case any of your loved one shows such signs and symptoms, consult a psychiatrist immediately. If you are looking for the best psychiatrist in Kolkata, look no further. Get in touch with us at

2. Delusions

These are false beliefs and ideas that have no connection with reality. People showing signs of Schizophrenia might think that someone is spying on them. They might also think that they are being harmed. It is a condition where the person cannot separate the real thing from the imagined one. They strongly believe in these false ideas.

3. Disorganised Speech and Thinking

People with Schizophrenia find it difficult to communicate properly as their thought process and speech is highly scattered and disorganised. People showing signs of Schizophrenia find it difficult to communicate effectively. They might move from one topic to another rapidly. When asked questions, they might give a reply that is partially or completely unrelated to the question being asked. Their speech also becomes impaired as they tend to put together a meaningless jumble of words which is difficult to understand.

4. Abnormal Motor Behaviour

This is yet another symptom of Schizophrenia. This can exhibit in a number of ways. The patient might behave in a childish manner or burst in sudden rage. Their behaviour is not focused on any particular goal so they have difficulty in doing tasks. For instance, they might resist instructions or show a complete lack of response.

5. Other Symptoms

It might include symptoms such as social withdrawal, neglecting personal hygiene and lack of emotions. The person might also lose interest in daily activities.

If any of your loved ones demonstrates such symptoms, then get in touch with a psychiatrist as early as possible and seek proper professional help.


Delusion or delusional disorder is a serious mental condition where a person cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. Persons suffering from delusional disorder strongly believe in something which has no connection with reality. Such people tend to experience delusions involving real life situations such as being followed or deceived or conspired against. People with delusional disorder do not always behave in a bizarre way. They can socialise with people and can appear extremely normal. However, at times they become so engrossed in their delusions that it begins to hamper theirs day to day life. Here are a few more facts about delusion:

1. Causes of Delusion

A number of factors can result in delusional disorder. This includes:

* Genetic Factor: Delusion is common in people having a family history of delusional disorder or schizophrenia.
* Biological Factors: Brain abnormalities might also result in delusional disorders. Abnormalities that hamper the way of perception and thinking can be linked to delusions.
* Environmental Factors: Alcohol, stress, drug abuse can also result in delusions. Also, people who tend to be isolated or with poor hearing and vision can also develop a delusional disorder.

2. Symptoms

Experiencing non-bizarre delusions are the most common symptom of a delusional disorder. Apart from that, if a person constantly experiences low or an irritable mood, the person might suffer from delusion. They also experience hallucinations. In case any of your loved ones exhibit such symptoms, immediately consult a psychiatrist. In case you are looking for the best psychiatrist in Kolkata, get in touch with us at

3. Types of Delusion

The different type of delusional disorder includes:

* Grandiose: In this, the patient has a heightened sense of worth, knowledge, and power.
* Erotomanic: In this, the patient believes that another person (mostly a famous or important one) is in love with him or her.
* Jealous: The patient believes that his/her partner is unfaithful.
* Somatic: The patient believes that he/she has a medical problem.
* Persecutory: the patient believes that they are being mistreated.
* Mixed: the patient might experience several types of delusion all at once.

We hope that these pointers will help you get an overall idea about delusional disorder. For any further queries on psychological issues and treatments, contact us at

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