The Psychologist in Our Cultural Milieu

July 10, 2018 by admin0

The figure of a psychologist in the cultural milieu of our society is quite vague. People tend to equate a psychologist as someone who is only interested in giving electrical shocks and is supposed to be the last resort of people who are raving mad! That, unfortunately, is what most perceive when you ask them about psychological counselling and psychologist. That is also why a family member or friend will recoil in pure horror if you even suggest to them that they need to see a psychologist for their mental health.

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In the western countries and society, the role of psychology in real life is not that neglected. People there understand and acknowledge that psychology is not for people who are obviously deranged mentally. It is also for people who are depressed, who suffer from some compulsive disorder or are simply not fit mentally to handle the complexities and challenges of daily life.

A major reason for this disparity in how psychology is culturally different in these two social frameworks is that people in India are often surrounded by well-wishers like families and friends. Anyone suffering from mental depression or feeling down and out can talk about their problem with these well-wishers. Often, the simple act of venting out the pent-up feelings can be therapeutic. After the words, which were simmering like poison, bubble over, a person feels calm and composed, in much better mental frame.

However, that group of well-wishers in the form of families and friends are now no longer an option for urban citizens living in the busy cities of India, like Kolkata. As a result, just as people in the European countries and USA, you actually have no one to talk to. Your friends and family members have their own set of problems and frustrations to deal with. They cannot take on your own issues. But your need to talk about your problems remain the same.

That is where the psychologist walks into the picture, just as it did for those citizens of first-world countries. You can now set up an appointment and talk about your fears and insecurities. Moner Alo does exactly that for you: give you a patient ear to voice your concerns in a city teeming with disparate and difficult living conditions.

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