Psychological Problems among the Youth

June 8, 2017 by admin0

How often have you heard people of the older generation say that life was so tough for them during the yesteryears? They always end this diatribe to youngsters with the exclamation: life is so simple nowadays for you! They say this only because they are not living the life of a youngster today. Life for young adults today, let alone get simpler, is so much more complex and riddled with troubles and worries. The proof is the ever-growing number of youngsters seeking psychological counseling in Kolkata and other parts of the world.

What makes life so difficult for these young adults? Well, for starters, the very blessings of the modern age often turn into a pitiable curse. Take up the instance of social media use. Yes, you can now connect with all those friends you left behind at school or college. You can establish a connection with them and even meet up easily if they are in an allied geographical location. But you also end up comparing your life to theirs! It builds up a psychological pressure to perform and excel, just to be on par with your other buddies who have stridden ahead in life. And there is a huge chance that you can end up with psychological problems.

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The pressure to perform is manifest in daily life as well. Youngsters today are in a state of constant competition. They are competing with their class and batch mates, with peers they know and even those in their family circle! It just adds up to a little too much. Moreover, thanks to the ever-expanding population, the competition for each seat to success is dearer today than ever before. To etch your name on that seat, you have to work harder, worry more and end up abusing your mental faculties, causing anxiety, distress and a whole other range of problems.

The best psychiatrist in Kolkata will tell you how the youth are always looking for something to make life easier, often resorting to drugs and alcohol abuse as a way to get rid of the constant pressure. Youngsters who cannot make the cut, academically or otherwise, suffer from immense inferiority complex, drawing them further back. Anxiety treatment in Kolkata is seeing an upsurge in number of cases because people are too focused on success. They have no other choice but to hit the summit. What’s worse, they cannot even willingly admit and express their mental fragilities!

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