Why Your School Needs a Counsellor

June 10, 2018 by admin0

In a traditional line of thinking, schools considered teachers to be the only help and guidance that they need. Teachers were expected to take care of every need of a student, including academic and psychological requirements. However, with more recognition and acknowledgment pouring in for psychological counselling in the recent years, schools now feel obliged to have a psychological counsellor present during school hours. Why is there such a pressing need for a counsellor when there are trained teachers on board?

For starters, teachers are well-versed in the tenets of teaching and not experts in psychological evaluations. Yes, when they are trained to be teachers, they undergo learning to understand the psychology of a student and how to handle classroom situations. But these lessons are on a superficial level. The teachers are not equipped to handle psychological situations like a child thinking of harming themselves or people around them. In such cases, identifying and dealing with the situation is of primary importance.

There are so many complications in the life of a student these days. There is peer pressure, competition to get ahead of the curve, the need to pick up and master so many different disciplines like drawing and dramatics, the need to manage time without crumpling down and so many others. For a child, it just becomes too much after a point. The child is bound to feel mental fatigue and think of simply chucking it all away one fine morning! A professional psychological counsellor will set such thoughts to rest without sounding patronizing or condescending.

Students are in perennial fear of failure. Failure to attain good grades, failure to fulfill the dreams of parents and family, fear of living up to expectations and the fear of not being successful in life. These fears take a student on a downward spiral. They are totally at sea to deal with this fear and yet come up trumps in their respective fields. When the fear of failure grips a student, their grip on studies and even general behaviour goes for a toss. Students need to hold on to a firm hand in these dire straits, something that a professional counsellor can provide.

Moner Alo believes everyone can reach the peak of success with proper motivation, and parents, peers and school can contribute towards such development. So, don’t wait for disaster to happen, take the right measure before it’s too late because mental health is the most neglected topic and it’s time now to take a necessary step.

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