Psychological Counselling for Examination Stress

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Exams and pressure comes hand in hand. Exams like boards, Joint Entrance Examination and NEET comes with a lot of pressure. So, students are under a lot of pressure to perform. The funny part is that this pressure to perform is what ultimately affects the performance adversely. Students often bungle up easy questions and solutions because they are too worried about the results. They want to get everything correct and in the process, make a hash of a lot of otherwise easy questions.

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There are students who are more critically affected by examination trauma, something that is quite normal for learners. The fear of assessment doesn’t allow them to study freely, affecting their health and general well-being. These juniors should immediately consult the best psychologist in Kolkata that they can find at Moner Alo. If not treated properly, examination fever can lead to long-term mental and behavioural disorder.

The most common form of stress is the urge of the student to not appear for the test. They are so much under pressure that they feel easier to just let the year drop, promising themselves and their parents that they will prepare better next year. For 9 out of 10 undergraduates, dropping the year will prove to be a blunder. Once out of the race, with their friends surging ahead with the flow of tide, they will feel depressed and unmotivated. It is better if they decide to appear for the assessment, with a few sessions of psychological counselling.

The pivot of psychological counselling provided at this stage is the assurance that the stress is as normal as studying and applies to scholars all over the globe. So, they don’t have to feel any different or ostracized. They will feel confident if they are rid of the guilt-feeling of not having prepared enough for the examination. Yes, some of them may have left too many things for the last minute but what’s done cannot be undone. The psychologist will not dwell on the past but what can be done to prepare the student mentally for the event.

With so much riding on these young minds, you can hardly blame them for being so stressed. Professional guidance and assurance, with confidence building measures, is the way forward for these students.

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