Psychologist and Psychiatrist: How are they Different?

May 22, 2017 by admin0

People often get confused when they look for psychological counseling in Kolkata. They are unsure about the difference in the fields of a psychologist and psychiatrist. For some reason, probably due to the impact of mainstream movies, psychiatrists are a more popular name in the lexicon of the layman. As an informed person, you should understand the different between these two fields, despite their similarities.

Let’s dwell with the similarities first. The most obvious among them is definitely their shared interest in matters of the brain and mental health. Both deal with the mind, but in their different manners.

psychological counseling | Psychiatrist in Kolkata | anxiety treatment

A psychologist is not a trained medical personnel. Anyone who has studied psychology at an advanced level, completing their doctorate or even a masters degree qualifies to be a psychologist. A psychiatrist, on the other hand, is a medical doctor. To be a psychiatrist, you have to qualify as a medical doctor first before specializing in the field of psychiatry. From the same vein, a psychologist cannot prescribe medicines like a doctor. A psychiatrist, being a doctor as well, has the rights to prescribe medication.

A psychologist comes into the picture when you are worried about your mental health issues but are not sure about taking medicines. You want to test the waters and find out what is wrong with you before you start on the route of medication. In such a situation, you should definitely go see a psychologist. If you actually need medicines for your problem, you will be referred to a psychiatrist. The inverse is true as well. A psychiatrist may feel that your problem does not require any medicines and refer you to a psychologist.

psychological counseling | Psychiatrist in Kolkata | anxiety treatment

To understand the situation clearly, take a look at a stock response of these two different fields. Suppose you visit a psychologist with a problem, the professional will usually ask you questions about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These are going to reveal to the professional what actually is the problem in your mind. On the other hand, a psychiatrist will approach the problem medically, asking you questions like if you are diabetic or have normal thyroid levels, or had any recent head injuries.

When you are looking for anxiety treatment in Kolkata or psychological counseling, you should figure out what is exactly on your mind. At times, it is quite difficult for a person suffering from mental issues to take an objective call on this matter. Call our desk at Moner Alo, the best psychological counseling in Kolkata, and we will direct you on the right path.

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