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By now, almost everyone is aware of anxiety attacks. This was not the case even a couple of years back. Back then, depression and anxiety disorders were not so openly discussed as it is done nowadays. Much of this credit goes to celebrities and famous personalities who have come forward and shared their fight against anxiety and depression. However, many still know that the symptoms of anxiety attacks coming on is hyperventilating and rocking back and forth. 

Anxiety and depression

While these are the usual signs that a person is coming under anxiety attacks, there are several unusual signs as well. You should not be mistaken in identifying them and getting quick help for yourself, or someone you know who battles anxiety disorders. In this blog, we are looking at some of these unusual signs by consulting our team of psychologists in Kolkata. So, here are some of them:

  • Silence: Many may be surprised as to how a person in the throes of an anxiety attack can be silent. But that is actually true. Responses to situations vary from one person to another. So does the way a person reacts to anxiety. Sudden and grave silence can be the symptom of an anxiety attack. 
  • Hypersensitivity: A person facing anxiety attacks can be hypersensitive. It can be to words spoken or to situations happening around them. It can also be to the faintest of noises bringing on utter shock. It can also entail crying out in otherwise not very serious situations. 
  • Obsessive Behaviour: While Obsessive Behaviour is the symptom of several mental health issues, it is also a sign of an anxiety attack. Obsessing over the placement of objects, over washing hands or several other small matters is a sign that you are getting an anxiety attack. 
  • Second Guessing: Sometimes, when a person is facing anxiety attacks, they start second-guessing their own confidence, beliefs and value systems. They start questioning their moral choices, their existential dilemmas and various other basic fundamental questions that otherwise lie low. They may start doubting their views about the world and of people around them. 

There are other signs too, like pacing up and down, biting nails till they start bleeding, zoning out of conversations or situations that depict anxiety attacks. You should consult a psychologist through if you face such symptoms or someone you know does.


Mental health issues are usually brushed under the carpet as topics that are not raised in mainstream conversations. People who suffer from mental health issues are wary of the stigma that comes with discussing such problems. They are quickly termed ‘mad’ by people around them unless they have a group of sympathetic friends and family members. To shrug off the stigma related to mental health, the World Federation for Mental Health organizes World Mental Health Day on October 10. 

This year, the event was supported by the World Health Organization or WHO, along with the International Association for Suicide Prevention and United for Global Mental Health.

The focus point this year was the prevention of suicide. If you go by official stats released and collated globally, you will know that more than 800,000 people die by suicide annually. What’s more shocking is that for every death caused this way, there are 20 attempts that are made but prevented somehow. 

 World Mental Health Day

Psychologists in Kolkata point out the rising number of suicides in and around the city, and the rural areas in recent times. There are so many reasons for this spike in the graph. Debt and economical reasons rank at the very top. Newspapers reported suicide cases due to anxiety related to the NRC in the last few months. So the reasons are varied and often quite complex. Psychologists who study these cases also find that many of these suicides were preventable if only there was an institutionalized effort to do so.

More often than not, people commit suicides because they are unable to talk about their feelings or communicate with others. The bottled up feelings and anxieties take control over reason and the effect is a suicide attempt. If these individuals get a window to vent their emotions, many suicides can be prevented. There is a lot of scopes to reach out to suicide-prone individuals both through individual psychological counseling and through community efforts. 

Several celebrities have come out and spoken about their feelings of anxiety and depression leading to suicidal thoughts recently. Their purpose is the same: make it possible for people to talk about mental health problems with more ease and less shame. If all make a concerted effort, we can deal with mental health problems going forward.

To learn more about mental health issues, check out  


If you look at stats released by the World Health Organization, there is a significant rise in the percentage of professionals facing burnout. The rise has been particularly steep in the last couple of years. Data pulled from Indian sources tell us that the sorry state of the economy, coupled with the failure of gigantic industries like the automobile sector, has injected a strong sense of fear: the fear of losing one’s job. 

In this climate, professionals in Kolkata, like their counterparts throughout the country, are in dire straits. They are worried about their jobs, especially for those in the private sector. This worry is making them work more than they should to keep their mental faculties intact. Too much of work during a week, that too under the severe stress of fearing one’s job loss, can lead anyone to a certain degree of burnout. 

According to our psychologists in Kolkata, there are three telltale signs of burnout:

  • If you feel lazy and lethargic all the time. 
  • If you are unable to remain productive throughout the time you are at work
  • If your opinion about the current job is cynical and pessimistic. 

These are symptoms that you don’t like what you are doing, or you are too stressed out. Psychologists warn you that you should not continue in this mental frame for long. Such situations can lead to the stress aggravating each day, leading to a condition when you will not be mentally stable enough to work at all. To avoid such a situation, you need to take your foot off the pedestal and think about your job from a different perspective.

There are some thumb rules you can follow. For example, do not take phone calls from work when you are spending time at home with your family. Similarly, do not reply to emails or instant messages during your me-time with the family. You have to get out of the 24×7 job-ready mode. You should also note here that psychologists in Kolkata say that changing the current job is not a solution because you tend to carry the burnout mental zone into your next job. 

So, it has to be addressed with the help of professional psychologists. Check up for professional psychological counseling.  


There are several levels at which the mind may feel under tremendous pressure. It can be due to studies, work, quarrels in the family, ridicule or bullying from friends and several others. All of them pile up in the mind of a teenager, or an adult. When things go really bleak, the individual can feel suicidal. What is even more alarming, suicidal thoughts are often very well suppressed by such individuals. It is only later that people come to know after some harm has been attempted. 

Psychological counselling

However, there are some symptoms that are there for anyone who has the sensitivity to read and interpret them. For example, the concerned person may come across as withdrawn and indifferent to a large extent. Talking of a world when they are not around, the benefits of ending one’s life and similar topics are also indicative of what is going on in the mind of a person. Leading such a person to a psychologist can be an uphill task. 

You have to start a bit of psychological counselling at home itself. Communication, not instruction, should be the bedrock of such counselling. People who are showing suicidal behaviour often feel disdainful of life, especially human beings. So any kind of instruction or preaching is not going to cut much ice. Instead, communication can break barriers and get them to vent out their pent-up feelings. When they start speaking and sharing their views, their resolve to end their life starts thawing.

Communication does not always mean that you tell them what and how they should think in order to avoid suicidal thoughts. It means sharing their burden by offering a patient, non-judgemental listening ear. Let them talk and give you a glimpse into their world of thoughts. Instead of asking questions, or offering opinions, just listen and try to understand the person. In due time, you will see a pattern emerging through what they are saying. Even if you cannot take the concerned person to a trained psychologist in Kolkata, if you can share these communicated words with the psychologist, it can become easier to diagnose what is wrong.

It is not advisable that you ignore a person with suicidal behaviour. Consult our trained psychologists at


Feeling anxious and worried in daily life is the new normal of modern existence! There are so many variables in life that are beyond your control. So it becomes difficult for people to handle their anxieties in a mature manner all the time. There are also certain types of personalities who are more prone to being anxious than others. Little things worry them too much. People who like to control things and cannot bear to take what comes to them in the natural flow of things also suffer from anxiety more often than not. 

Anxiety disorders

Let us look at some examples of how anxiety can creep up and stop you from leading a meaningful life:

  • Controlling People: Urban slang categorizes such personalities as ‘control freak’. These persons are unable to let things flow. They want the control firmly in their grip and begin to lose their mind when that is not the case. There are so many factors beyond human control. However, such people fail to understand this or reconcile to the fact that there are factors beyond their control. Controlling everything is a major trigger of anxiety for them. 
  • Intolerant of Uncertainty: Certainty about matters and situations change constantly. People who suffer from anxiety disorders cannot tolerate situations where they cannot see the immediate future path clearly ahead of them. They cannot come to terms with an uncertain and vague path to the future. Their planning and strategizing are of micro-level and they cannot stay calm if things get topsy-turvy.
  • Illogical Expectations: All of us expect something from ourselves or from people around us. The problem jumps up when this expectation has no strings tied to reality. In such cases, the illogical expectation will cause major anxiety disorders because you are getting anxious about something which is not going to happen! If you expect something that is unachievable by any reasonable explanation, you are setting yourself up for anxiety which has no remedy.
  • Over-planning: Anxiety disorders are common among people who over-plan. It is not possible to micro-manage everything. If you plan too thoroughly, you are loading each step of the plan with a lot of your own emotions. As a result, you are bound to feel anxious that each step may come off just as you had planned. If they don’t, you feel increasingly anxious.

If you belong to any of these categories and feel things getting out of grip, consult a psychologist in Kolkata through 


Kids suffering from autism have a lot on their plate. To start with, they do not understand their own role in the world. That is not an envious position, not in the least. Moreover, they cannot socialize much with their peers. They are constantly told and made to feel that they are different and require preferential treatment. This can lead to low self-esteem and a strong sense of inferiority complex. Because of autism, they are unable to understand the connection between their mental and physical state. 

Autism is no longer the problem it used to be, coupled with the social stigma. In today’s world, autistic kids are no longer relegated to the fences. There are lots of instances when autistic kids have taken the center stage and owned it as they belong there! You will find several instances of autistic kids growing up to be successful in their own domains. Parents of autistic kids these days understand that with the right kind of help and support, especially from them, autistic kids can conquer the world.

Psychological counseling can help immensely with autistic kids. Such kids require boosts of self-confidence and they need to be told that they good enough for the task at hand. Psychologists, with their training and patience, can lend a patient ear to the demands and problems of autistic kids. They have their own issues and complaints against people in general, and their immediate close circle in specific. Psychologists can decode their messages and expectations. This surely adds a new dimension to the way autistic kids look at the world: usually with fear and apprehension. 

Autistic kids need to be told that they capable of great feats, except that they can achieve it only when they stop comparing themselves to others. No one dictates what is ‘normal’ and that is why autistic kids have no hiccups on their path to lead fruitful lives. A trained psychologist in Kolkata understands the bottled-up feelings in the hearts and minds of autistic kids. When these kids find a friend in the psychologist, they will be more forthcoming in their thoughts and sharing them with parents, friends or family. 

If you want psychological help for autistic kids, get in touch with


It is wrong to assume that any psychologist in Kolkata will expect you to rush for counseling each time your child shows erratic behavior! In fact, psychologists who are professionally trained know that parents can take up the role of a psychologist partially. With love, care and confidence-building measures, parents can help a child find their mental strength. Psychologists point out three crucial times when a ‘wait and watch’ policy for a child is better than rushing off to get psychological counseling. 

The first one is parents are going through a divorce. During such testing times, when the child’s only place of refuge, the home, is threatened, it is only normal for a child to feel insecure and somehow responsible for the divorce. Children coming from broken homes are almost always burdened with psychological issues later on in life. So, you have to be careful as a parent to minimize the impact of a divorce on a child’s psyche. Try to have frank, meaningful conversations with the child. If both parents are committed to helping the child during this testing phase, psychological counseling is usually not needed.

The second instance is when a child changes school. It may be due to the job transfer of a parent or other personal reasons. Changing a school, leaving behind a known setup and friends, can be monumental for a child. The new school offers challenges which the child may not be ready to handle. Moreover, there may be bullying or inferiority complexes in the mix. In such scenarios, a child will react in a bizarre manner. Regular conversations with the parents will bring forth issues that the child is worried about. When you know about the problems, try to work out solutions with the child’s opinion. 

The third instance is when a new sibling is present in the house. Children are bound to feel threatened and their parents’ love shared. They may feel neglected and sidelined even when you do your best to accommodate the elder child. In such cases, you can delegate a duty to the elder child, if the child is old enough to handle them, like massaging cream on the new baby’s limbs. When the elder child finds themselves in a position of responsibility toward the new sibling, the negative emotions dissipate quickly. You won’t need a child psychologist in Kolkata if you handle the situation in a matured way, keeping the elder child’s fears and concerns in mind. 

However, if you truly feel a psychologist in Kolkata is needed, get in touch with  


Bullies are part of folklore and stories for centuries. They exist and everyone knows someone or the other who is a bully. Bullies exist in schools, colleges, work places and even in public transport like buses or trains. They are known by their loud, obnoxious behavior and their picking of targets to bully. That classical model of bullying has entered cyber space and internet for a long time now. Cyber bullying is equally damaging to the psyche as the traditional form of bullying. 

For this post, we asked some trained psychologists at, the best psychology clinic in Kolkata, about the harmful effects of cyber bullying among the most vulnerable: teenagers. With social media use rampant and reckless, teenagers put out a lot of information about their personal lives on the internet. That includes pictures, contact details and glimpses into their lifestyle and choices. Anyone who expresses opinions different from the popular, and henceforth accepted norm, are subjected to cyber bullies, broadly called trolls.

No one online is free from cyber bullying. Celebrities with millions of followers are also trolled and bullied. However, for teenagers, the bullying can get extremely personal. It will have a deep negative effect on the fragile mind and ego of a teenager. It gives rise to low self esteem and inferiority complexes. It can wash away confidence, motivation and sometimes, the will to live. Cyber bullying also happens in groups, where an entire gang of friends go up against one of their own who has defied the collective opinion. In such cases, the victim finds themselves friendless and without any support system whatsoever. 

Parents need to be very vigilant about teenagers subjected to cyber bullying. You will know about it only if you study the unusual behavioral patterns of your child. Mood swings, fading academic grades, hopelessness written large on the face and general disinterestedness about life, all of these are typical syndromes of cyber bullying. Sometimes the lifestyle of a teenager and their family can become an object of ridicule for cyber bullies. As a parent, you may not have the psychological training to bring out the facts from a rebellious teenager.

Consulting a psychologist in Kolkata is your safest and best option. With proper counselling, victims of cyber bullying can be brought back to lead normal lives.   


If you check out the full form of FOMO, there are high chances that you are not a millennial! Anyone on social media platforms for a large part of the day, or college goers, even school children know the word FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. While the terminology may give away the feeling that this is not a ‘real’ problem, it is actually so, say the psychologists of Kolkata. This perceived fear of not being part of a particular social circle, or a group, can be nerve-wrecking for youngsters, especially teenagers. 


FOMO can have disastrous consequences in academia. Students who are constantly checking their smartphones for updates often neglect their studies. The worst part is that often they don’t care at all. They are so clued in about what is happening all around on the internet that they don’t really have a life, so to say. When they are faced with a real problem, they are unable to do anything constructive to solve it. Rather, their mind is always on what they are missing out. 

The psychological effects of FOMO can be quite damaging. It can turn young, impressionable minds into one that is constantly afraid and looking over their shoulders. They have very little self esteem and they fear that if they miss out, it will reflect poorly on their personality. They are also worried about what people will think about them if they miss out on something as trivial as the latest gossip in town. Moreover, they are deeply insecure about how friends view them. They are concerned that their friends are sharing something or the other among themselves, by leaving them out of the circle. 

You may think that FOMO is something that affects youngsters. Actually older persons can have a deep sense of missing out, too. You will find people checking news channels or newspapers continuously. That is also a case of FOMO. Is there actually any need of knowing every news story coming out if the matter doesn’t concern you directly? Psychologists say that these feelings of being left out, or abandoned, can have far-reaching consequences. If not treated earlier, they can give way to depression. 

If you have a strong FOMO, consult a psychologist on today. 


Dissociative identity disorder or DID is popularly known as split personality disorder. The reason for this moniker is that there are more than one self within the body of the person affected. There can be two or more ‘alter’ egos present in the body of a single person. The affected person switches between these different and disparate personalities at uncertain times of the clock. The switch can happen after seconds, minutes or even days. No one can predict it, not even the person affected. 

Split personality disorder has been the theme of several movies across the globe. Sometimes, there are multiple personalities present in a single person, which is termed multiple personality disorder. Therapists are able to bring out these various personalities through hypnosis. During the process, the affected person may reveal personalities which are totally different from each other, or from the person who is affected by it. There are differences of gender, race, ethnicity or even location. 

It cannot be said for certain as to who is affected by split personality disorder. There is no direct link or pattern visible for psychologists to make a calculated guess. But psychologists in Kolkata at say that the victims are usually those who have suffered repeated mental, physical or sexual abuse at some point in their early life, usually before the age of 6. The repeated brutality triggers the mind to develop personalities that are antithesis to the real one. It is like a defence mechanism to overcome the extreme trauma faced by the victim. 

There are reported instances of violence committed by persons affected by split personality disorder. The violence may be directed towards a person or group which may be the tormentor of the person. The violence may even be directed towards the self in response to their inability to fight back. That is why people suffering from split personality disorder require immediate treatment. It is not just the switching phase which is dangerous. Such people can experience severe headache and loss of time. When they switch, they are unable to recall anything they do during that phase when the other personality takes over.

Trained and professional psychologists in Kolkata should be consulted to help the affected person cope with this form of mental ailment. 

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