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The Crime Record Bureau of 2018 has shed light on the condition of suicide rates in India. According to it, West Bengal was among the top 5 states with an unusually high number of suicide rates in the country. This, and several disturbing events of student suicides in recent times, makes the Kolkata Mental Health Fair at SSKM Hospitals an event to take note of. 

The event was organized by the Institute of Psychiatry (IOP) in association with Kolkata Psychiatric Association. It was a four-day affair which attracted leading psychologists and psychiatrists across the country. The focal point of discussion was primarily about the rise in the number of suicides, especially in the age group of 19 to 29. 

This age group is usually the time for career building. Students in engineering or medical colleges are taking this fatal step because they are unhappy with a variety of matters. They may be worried about where their career is going, or the pressure to perform which keeps mounting for students. Depression is cited as the chief reason for these suicides. 

The participants of the Fair were clear about one aspect: the lack of awareness to deal with mental health issues. Because of this lack of knowledge about the tools necessary to resolve the problems, most do not seek any help. Depressed students keep their worries and anxieties bottled up, giving way to a drastic step. If parents and teachers in schools and colleges are more equipped to identify and deal with the cases of mental health issues, students can be deterred by timely intervention. 

That makes the case of employing full-time psychologists in educational institutions a necessity. Regular teachers cannot always tell if a student is depressed or is considering suicide. With the help of psychologists, students can be identified and therapy sessions can be scheduled. However, if the problem lies undetected, help cannot be extended to the students in question.

The Fair will also enable people who have battled mental health problems to come out and speak to those affected. This gives a first-hand perspective that always serves as an inspiration. Hopefully more such events will pave the way for greater awareness about mental health problems.


Issues related to employees are usually handled by the human resources department. However, there is so much more that employees need, in addition to their usual pay slips and other HR modalities. With the right corporate counselling offered by professional psychologists, the workforce can be optimized for better results. 

There are numerous benefits that corporate counselling can achieve:

  • Motivation: Most employees work on the same kind of projects every single day. Even the most creative profiles can become dull and boring in some time. That is when motivation is needed in sharp doses. Corporate counselors can work with employees to provide them the motivation they need. Employees get too deep in their work and often lose perspective in the large scheme of life. Many lose motivation because they are unsure if their hard work is making any real difference at all, personally or professionally. 
  • Retention: The primary challenge of every big organization across the globe is to retain their best talents. The attrition is attributed to several factors causing burnout. Employees are unable to continue working in the best mental state possible. They feel they are over-worked and sometimes they cannot handle the additional stress. Corporate counselling can work like safety valves. Employees will feel energized once they start talking about their problems. Venting out feelings will work wonders for employees doing stressful jobs. 
  • Education: The education system in the country leaves little room to teach life skills. There is hardly any lesson on work-life balance. Value systems in human beings are also left to individual choices. In the absence of proper guidance, stronger personalities often fail to find sure footing, especially when their conduct and behavior is important to the organization’s success. Corporate counselors can do the job of educating employees on such issues. Employees need to understand their role in the organization and how they keep the wheels running. 

Without these benefits, companies will have to hire employees every now and then, shoring up their costs considerably. Moreover, they may not be able to employ such high-quality talent if they keep losing what they hire! It is a wiser idea to draw upon the benefits of Corporate Stress Management by getting in touch with the best corporate counselling firm in Kolkata,


It’s the time of the year when exams come knocking before you realize. Most board exams are held in Feb and March. Term end exams also take place in most schools during this period. In other words, this is time of great anxiety for students. In this competitive world, where the cut-off marks go higher each time, students have to perform better and way more than that! All of these thoughts put a lot of stress on the minds of the students.

Anxiety, fear and depression are some negative thoughts that work as obstacles to achieve success. After all, your abilities will be evaluated according to what you put down on the paper. So the writing has to be to the best you can. However, these negative thoughts take a toll on your mind and you are unable to perform well.

School counsellors are in a unique position to help students combat exam stress and anxiety. While they are not their teachers who may ultimately put the onus of getting good grades, they are also not parents who tend to channelize their own negative energies and anxieties about the performance of their children. School counsellors can objectively identify what the student is lacking and advise accordingly. 

School Counselling

Schools must encourage school counsellors to have sessions with students appearing for board exams, if not for all the students, right before they sit for the test. These students are more or less prepared academically. Their curriculum was completed way back and they have answered hundreds of mock tests anyway! What they need at this stage is pep talk to get those negative cobwebs of the mind away. 

Students who prepare well often miss out on proper diet and rest during this exam season. They are sitting with their books and laptops the entire time, skipping meals and exercise. It is true that staying away from TV and social media is actually good for concentration, but nutritious diet and exercise are indispensible. School counsellors can guide students to ensure that they don’t ignore these aspects as they work as a breakneck speed to crack the exams with flying colours. 

A calm and composed mind is a prerequisite for superlative performance. Students cannot have that if they are anxious about success. 


In a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in 2017, a grim picture of the country’s mental health issues is revealed. According to the survey, which has now been published in the prestigious Lancet Psychiatry Journal, about 1 in 7 persons residing in India suffer from some form of mental disorder. 

The most common mental well-being issue among them was depression (affecting 45.7 million people) and anxiety disorder (affecting 44.9 million). The study has brought to light the increase in the number of mental health cases in the country over the last few years. The spike in numbers can be attributed to the fact that more people are now open to seeking professional psychological counselling for mental health problems. 

Mental Health

The total number of Indians suffering from mental health problem sums up to about 197 million, which roughly translates into 1 in every 7 Indians suffering from mental health issues. The problems include bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and idiopathic developmental intellectual disability. The percentage of people suffering from schizophrenia is about 9.8%.

According to the study, females were more likely to suffer from depression, which often led to suicidal tendencies and attempts. So that is a big concern for ICMR which has conducted the study. The stats reveal a fascinating account of how the problem has aggravated in the last couple of decades. The number has doubled between the two decades from 1990 to 2017. There are also significant number of people suffering from autism spectrum disorder (0.35%) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (0.42%).

The study has highlighted how the northern states of the country have more cases of children and adolescent mental health issues which the southern states have higher cases of adulthood mental problems. The study has also put the focus back on awareness about mental health problems. 

With more discussions and awareness campaigns, it is necessary to bring more people to the psychological counselling sessions so that their issues are addressed. With the stigma attached to these problems slowly fading away, we can be hopeful that more affected people will get the help they need.   


Let’s begin this post with some stats about how employees feel about the company they work for and what keeps them motivated to continue working there. 69% of employees who were part of a survey said that they will feel motivated about working harder if their contribution to the company was recognized by the managerial level. Additionally, about 63% of employees feel that they are inclined to leave within the first two years if they were not treated with respect by the organization.
These stats clearly indicate that there is a case for employee engagement by the organization. The human resource department of a company should not limit themselves to recruiting employees and handling salaries and perks. Instead, they should try to bring in the services of professional corporate counsellors in order to help employees find their best professional performance. 

Corporate Counsellors Suggest Employee Rewards Program

It is a flawed idea that you replace an employee with another one because their performance is not up to the task. Before doing so, which should ideally be the last resort, organizations should try to find out reasons why they are not performing to the best of their ability. A corporate counsellor has the knowhow to help employees find their motivation. 

The best way to do that is definitely through employee rewards programs (ERPs). The point of this exercise is to make employees feel that they are a part of an organization which cares about their professional progress. When they feel that their value to the organization is appreciated and the company is trying to invest in their future in the organiza0tion, they are willing to step up and perform. 

Employee rewards program can be of various types. It can be through professional training to some better-performing employees. The training should help them improve their existing skills or learn new ones. They can be given additional responsibility for leading projects and teams. They can also be asked to provide suggestions and ideas on how they can contribute more to the company. You should note that corporate counsellors suggest that these programs need not always have a financial angle. 

When employees feel that they are appreciated and valued, they will do more to ensure the success of the company they work for. 

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Job hours are no longer limited to office hours. Most professionals are now forced to carry their work with them round the clock. An email, a text message or a phone call puts professionals back on the job even if they are home after putting in 10 hours at the workplace.
Such heavy demand on time and commitment has its pitfalls. More professionals are losing their sense of work-life balance often tipping hopelessly in favour of their work. As a result, their personal relationships, between family and friends suffer.
Corporate counselling aims at reducing the stress levels of employees and help them choose a better lifestyle by making healthier choices.

Being on the job round the clock does not mean that a professional is more productive. It is usually the result of being tied to the desk virtually, even when you are not physically present. With careful planning and a corporate culture where such engagement is discouraged, employees and professionals can quit working 24×7. It is the job of the corporate psychological counsellor to make that happen. 

Corporate Counselling

Employees are carrying smartphones to respond to job demands at odd hours not just because they are compelled. Many of these employees feel that unless they do so, they will be replaced by other professionals who are willing to be virtually tied to their desks throughout the clock. A corporate psychological counsellor will try to dispel such thoughts by ensuring that the work culture is not supportive of employees who carry work home. 

The corporate counselling professional will act as a liaison between the employees and the management to ensure that the work-life balance is not disturbed. At a macro level, this is important before the counsellor shifts focus on individuals and the choices they make to be on the job round the clock. Individual reasons vary, and so each one needs a different solution. They need a plan as well. 

Time management plays a crucial role in this. Professionals need to segregate their time between office and home without upsetting the rhythm at either place. Counsellors can advise the professional to talk to family members about the demands of the job and why they need to answer emails while they are at a family dinner. When near and dear ones understand the demands of your profession, the mental stress to validate your actions go down considerably. Similarly, superiors at work have to realize that family time is sacrosanct and should not be disturbed unless absolutely necessary. 

Professional corporate counselling can help strike the right work-life balance.


One of the most important challenges faced by corporate houses is the concern of employee burnout. Many corporate houses and companies lose their best minds and talent to burnout. Even the most efficient employees run the risk of burnout.
To understand how corporate psychologists can help deal with this problem, you need to define what burnout is. In non-technical terms, it means losing interest in continuing with a career or job due to excessive commitment to it, leading to social and even professional alienation. It usually happens with the job takes over a life, dictating terms for every minute of the day.

The more workload an employee handles, the higher is the risk of burnout, especially if the employee is not offered by psychological counseling. Losing employees to burnout and stress is a serious problem that corporate houses can combat with corporate psychologists.

To understand how corporate psychologists can help deal with this problem, you need to define what burnout is. In non-technical terms, it means losing interest in continuing with a career or job due to excessive commitment to it, leading to social and even professional alienation. It usually happens with the job takes over a life, dictating terms for every minute of the day. 

When a person worries about the job, or keeps working round the clock with very little sleep, it can severely affect the mental faculties of the person. It can lead to nervous breakdown. It can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological disorders and many more physical complications, not to mention mental ones like depression and even suicidal tendencies. 

Corporate psychologists help such a person with sorting out their various roles as an employee and as a member of the society. The psychologist will work on helping the person understand that the job and office is only a part of their life. Unless they are mentally stable and happy, they cannot fulfill their jobs to the best of their ability. 

Corporate Psychologists

Some of the suggestions that corporate psychologists can provide an employee-facing burnout include:

Work Load Management:

In the competitive world of corporate jobs, employees always feel that unless they take that additional burden of work, someone else will do it and walk away with perks and promotions. This extra workload often is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Breaks and Leaves:

Employees need to be encouraged so that they take lunch and tea breaks as per corporate norms. Some time away from the work desk always helps the brain to get back together again. Also, they need to be encouraged to take their annual allotted leaves to get away from work. 

Be Realistic:

Targets are always there but you have to be realistic about meeting them. Psychologists have to instill this sense of security in the employee that unless they are realistic about their expectations, they cannot handle work pressure. 

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Contrary to popular belief, conflict is not a verbal or non-verbal confrontation. It can simmer underneath, without any expression on the surface. But when it comes to work getting done, this underlying conflict puts a hurdle on progress. In corporate houses, conflict, especially among the top managerial level, can be counter-productive. The company may find itself being pulled in various directions because everyone is not on the same board. Such a situation is never ideal. Get the best psychologist in Kolkata to resolve your corporate conflicts.

Psychologists in kolkata

How do psychologists work?

To begin with, the various parties in a conflict need to recognize that there is a problem that requires a solution. More often than not, the parties involved brush aside the conflict because it is too much trouble to discuss or surpass. Instead, they bypass. However, leaving a problem alone never solves it, does it? The psychologist has the tough task of convincing the persons in conflict to foremost agree that there is one. 

Most people who are in the middle of conflict have thought about the problem over and over again. They are convinced that there is no way out. It is the job of a psychologist to pull open this view and show them that there can be a solution if they are willing to meet the other half of the problem midway. 

The psychologist in a corporate setup has a clear advantage when it comes to resolving corporate conflict. The psychologist can hear out both or multiple parties if it were. The psychologist can then find out the best course of action after evaluating who stands where. The path of negotiation is decided on the personalities involved. If the people on either side are willing to talk it over, a face to face session is all it takes. 

If the persons involved take a non-negotiable stance, the problem gets a little complicated. The psychologist has to study and understand the personalities involved in the conflict. Psychologists here have to study the fears and insecurities of the persons involved so that they can address their concerns better. With underlying concerns, no one will feel ready to arrive at a solution. Psychologists can address them on a personal level.

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With the help of careful and insightful negotiation initiated by the psychologist, a conflict can be resolved which brings all parties on the same page within the corporate setup. Contact Moner Alo, get the best psychologist in Kolkata to eradicate any corporate conflicts and maintain corporate harmony and peace.


There are a number of methods employed by corporate psychological counselling. The methods depend on the culture of the workplace and the demands of the organization. Every organization is different in terms of expectations from employees. The dominant work culture of a company has a large effect on how employees rise up to stress in general. This should be taken into consideration by the corporate psychological counsellor. 

Corporate psychological counselling

Though there is no blanket method that counsellors can employ, there are some parameters which usually fit. Some of them are:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

The main focus of this method is to build up a communication bridge between the employee and the counsellor. The communication is strictly confidential and is not shared with the employers, or even the superiors of the employee. The employee can talk about their fears and worries, enabling the counsellor to offer practical, doable solutions. These solutions are derived keeping the work culture of the organization. This is a kind of mental assistance program which helps employees find their professional mojo again. 

Developing Skill:

Employees are often unable to understand their true potential at the workplace. They remain underutilized. A professional corporate counsellor can bring out this untapped potential from the employees. With the help of questionnaires designed for this purpose, employees will be able to showcase their aptitude for tasks which they are not doing at present, but have the potential to fulfil in the future. When such untapped skills are diagnosed, the reports are shared with the employers. Subsequently, these employees are given an opportunity to train and upgrade their skill sets. 

Conflict Resolution:

There are instance in a corporate culture where there is a strong difference of opinion between the management and the employee, or between employees. Such differences can lead to corporate bad blood which is never good for the working environment. Corporate psychological counselling can bring both parties to the counselling session and try to draw out a map of truce. If the conflict is resolved by dialogue, it means well for the organization. It brings down the attrition rate and develops corporate loyalty. Employee retention is a virtue that companies thrive for, and professional counsellors at the office help to achieve that. 

More companies across the world are recognizing the importance of professional corporate counsellors like we have at  


The life of a student is not what it used to be a decade back. The pressure to perform, the stiff competition and the rising levels of expectation have combined to make life very difficult for them. In the good old days, parents and family members, sometimes friends, were all the people a student needed to talk out their problems and issues. But that does not hold true anymore, because the layers and complexities of a problem have multiplied. Students need school psychological counsellor to deal with this. 

School Psychological Counsellor

Who is a School Psychological Counsellor?

A psychological counsellor in school is someone who has the responsibility to address and resolve issues brought to their attention by students and teachers. Students who are in the middle of a problem may not be brave enough to go up and ask for help. It is the job of the counsellor to identify students with the help of teachers and mark them out as those who need psychological counselling. Then it is the job of the counsellor to offer assistance as much as they can. Sometimes, counsellors may need to involve teachers and school authorities to resolve issues. The school has to make a commitment to listen to the advice given by the counsellors. 

Some Problems Faced by Students

Students have a variety of problems. Some of them include:



This is severe for students, especially those who wish to pursue excellence. The bar of competing or the cut-off marks go higher each year. You must have read newspapers reports of some colleges in New Delhi and elsewhere having cut-off marks above 99%! If such is the state of affairs where students actually score a full cent percent in the school leaving exam, you can imagine the stress on students. 



A major concern among students, mainly teenagers, is their relationship with the opposite sex. Love, heartbreaks and other adolescent problems are very much present in schools. Schools have to be aware of this and psychological counsellors are the best professionals to deal with these issues. 


Sex Education:

Though some boards are making sex education compulsory for students, our country still shies away from this pivotal issue. Psychological counsellors can help students understand the difference between good and bad touch, predatory behaviour of perverts and other such problems. 


There are scores of other problems that school psychological counsellors in Kolkata deal with. If you require such professionals for your school, you can contact

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