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The connection between the mental and physical health:

We have heard that our physical health is tied with our mental health. According to many studies it is claim that our physical fitness has a connection with our mental health.

For example ,if a person is feeling physically fit, then he/she will be mentally capable of coping with daily life in a better way .

Similarly, if you feel good, you will enjoy working out to improve your physical fitness. It is a one serves another and vice versa .

So, to maintain our mental health, we need to focus on our physical being first.



These are the ways which we can improve our metal as well as physical state:

Exercise and physical activity ranks at the very top of this list. As we know that “Meditation”  is the best example for this , it help us to maintain the stability of our metal condition.

According to a study it is noticed that, the people who exercise daily for about 30 minutes in day.

They are 62% more capable to handle the metal stress than the others ,like 33% for those who watch TV and 29% who are in online.

Any form of exercise, gym session or even a simple morning walk can serve the purpose.

If you are unable to carve out time for exercises, use other hacks like:

  1. Taking the stairs at all times instead of elevators or escalators.
  2. If you going for a short distance, walking or cycling is the best way.
  3. Play any kind of outdoor games in your off time.

A balanced diet ranks the second. It is very important that to maintain our diet with the exercise.

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a high percentage of sugar in the
diet is a kind of trigger to mental issues and for people who are suffering from any kind of
depression and sugar can enhance the symptoms further.

So, we need to balance out your sugar intake so that it doesn’t become a kind of addiction which is very harmful for our body. A good balance diet of proper amount of vitamins, carbohydrate and protein will help our body .

Some of the mental health issues and cures:

Finally, for a sound mental health, you need to take breaks at regular intervals travel
around. Or simply read books before going to bed, talk to your family and friends if you feel
down and out.

It’s not necessary that you have to rush for psychological counselling the
moment you feel bogged down or stressed out.
Just let out your steam for a while and you will feel ebullient. You can take up meaningful hobbies to keep yourself occupied if you feel lonely.
If nothing works, call up Moner Alo for the best psychological counselling in Kolkata.


What is ADHD?

ADHD symptoms

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder of the neurodevelopmental type. ADHD characterized by problems paying attention, excessive activity, or difficulty controlling behaviour which is not appropriate for a person’s age.

The symptoms appear before a person is twelve years old, are present for more than six months.

Impacts of ADHD  in Teenage Children :

Teenage children are extremely difficult to deal with, most of the times. Their hormones are in a
state of rage, giving them mood swings. They are either very happy or suffering from loneliness.

This is also the age when they feel that every piece of advice given to them is a warning to them.

So, they are unable to listen to any word of advice, dismissing them as being something from people
who don’t know or understand them? These are very common among teenagers and parents
develop their own methods of dealing with these situations.

However, if your teenager suffers from ADHD, you need to get professional psychological help immediately.

The symptoms of ADHD:

  1. Teenagers suffering from this mental condition are unable to focus on anything.
  2. Gives no close attention to details.
  3. Unable to sit still in a single place.
  4. Has a short attention span and is easily distracted.
  5. Is unable to stick at tasks that are tedious or time-consuming.

ADHD can very harmful?

Research shows that teens suffering from that type of disease often end up in dangerous driving accidents because they lose their attention and focus while they are on the wheel!

Parents who have teens suffering from this are better advised to keep them away from driving.

ADHD is also affecting their studies. They are very inattentive in class. You can even find them playing with the piece of paper while the lessons are on.

According to Psychologists, teens who are suffering from that disease require more care and nurturing than others who don’t suffer from this problem.

How to cure ADHD?

A good way to deal with this problem is to keep calm at all times. It is natural for you as a parent to
get frustrated with their low grades or poor behaviour.

You may feel that they are wasting their potential and talent in trivial pursuits. Losing your own calm won’t help, but complicate matters.
Take note that pressure from your side as a parent can lead them to alcoholism or drug abuse.

Finally, consult a professional psychologist. Medication isn’t always necessary. But therapy is a must
to deal with ADHD.

Delay in treatment can be quite damaging for the teenager.






You may have heard the term ‘helicopter parenting’ at some point or the other in your life as a parent. Primarily an American coinage, it refers to the model of parenting where parents hover around their child like a helicopter, tending to their every need and requirement. However, as is very natural, this kind of parenting often goes overboard, in which parents end up interfering and sometimes destabilizing the lives of their children. This leads to mental issues from the perspective of the parents as well as the children involved.

Let’s look at this problem from two sides of the coin. From the point of the parents’ view, helicopter parenting is all about protecting and insulating the children from every negative aspect of life. But is that really possible? Can any parent actually do that? The answer is a thumping NO! Life throws many challenges and unexpected situations that the child cannot share or deal with the help of parents. As a parent, you need to understand that.

It is true that during the formative years of the child, especially from their birth to the toddler stage, the child is entirely dependent on the parents. This gives a heightened role to the parents. But they need to understand when the time is ripe for them to back off. They need to realize that when the child grows up to their adolescent stage, they are no longer relying on the parents to take every small decision about their lives. Due to peer pressure and the need to assert their own personality, children will deviate from the diktat laid out by parents. That should not hurt or depress the parents.

Similarly, the issue is quite challenging from the perspective of the children. They are likely to develop symptoms ‘social anxiety’ where they are unable to deal with the society and group of people around them on an individual basis. This is because they are used to having their helicopter parents guide them on every little thing! Another problem could be the development of ‘general performance anxiety’ where children find it tough to do anything properly because they are wary that whatever they do, it might not be good enough for their helicopter parents.

As parents, if you find you are a helicopter parent but cannot back off, or the parent of a child who’s getting increasingly depressed due to your mode of parenting, you need professional psychological help.


The worst part about a mind contemplating suicide is that these thoughts creep about in the mind without making themselves obvious. Silently but surely, they eradicate all logical thoughts and reasonable thinking from the mind. The road to this darkness is often irreversible unless psychological counseling is brought into the picture. Here too there is a catch! People with suicidal tendencies live in a denial mode. They are unwilling to acknowledge that something is amiss in their thinking and they need help.

It is the duty of the psychologist to detect signs of suicidal tendencies. Those suffering from this malaise do their utmost to hide this fact. Despite their mental disorder and rather chaotic thoughts, they are somehow cautious about guarding their inclination to cause harm to themselves. As a result, the signs are not always so obvious. Only a trained and professional psychologist can detect and identify this train of thought in an individual, who otherwise pretends to be of sound mental health.

That brings us to the symptoms associated with suicidal tendencies. More often than not, people think about suicide as a way of our life’s miseries, like chronic illness, pain, suffering or uncomfortable situations. However, this is the not the full picture. Usually, there is a history of mental illness associated with suicidal thoughts. The problem could be one of depression or bipolar disorder, among others, but these two are the more prominent symptoms. People who are depressed continuously or have extreme mood swings are more susceptible to think about suicide than others.

There are various forms of treatment available. Psychologists and psychiatrists can opt for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. This method tries to drill some logic and sense into the thinking of the individual through therapy. CBT is based on the principle that by changing the thoughts of a person, their behavior can also be affected. Medication like antidepressants is also used in this form of therapy.

The other option is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy or DBT. This involved individual or group therapy sessions. The stress is on tolerance of everyday situations and developing interpersonal skills, including communication as a safety valve. The purpose of the sessions is to empower individuals with confidence and hope, something that resembles light in a dark tunnel.


There is a deep connection between the city of Kolkata and Bangladesh, socially, politically and economically. There are transport systems that run every day between these two destinations across rail, road, and air. No wonder therefore that Bangladeshi nationals have Kolkata at the top of the list when it comes to medical treatment or psychological counseling.

If you look at the years gone by for some statistical data to support this claim, in the period of 2015-2016, 58,000 medical visas were issued to Bangladeshi nationals for travel to India. The number of patients coming in was more than 1.5 lakhs in this same period of time. The genres of medicine which found more favor among these Bangladeshis were orthopedics, neurology, and cardiology. However, in the last couple of years, there is a spike in the number of people looking for psychological counseling in Kolkata.

There are several reasons for this spike. For starters, the facilities of offering psychiatric treatment in Kolkata is now far better than what it was even a few years back. There are centers of excellence like Moner Alo which offers the best psychiatric treatment in Kolkata. These foreign nationals of Bangladesh picked New Delhi or the southern states of India for this kind of treatment in the earlier days. However, when facilities started to improve in Kolkata, they were more comfortable opting for treatment here.

The second reason draws from the first one: the logistical convenience of opting for treatment in Kolkata. This city is geographically nearer to Bangladesh than any other major city in India. Moreover, the familiarity and points of similarity between the cultures and languages of Kolkata and Bangladesh are too obvious to ignore. People visiting here in Kolkata are more comfortable communicating in Bengali, which also happens to be their mother tongue. So, they don’t feel like they are away from home. The comfort level is of primary importance for patients, more so when they are seeking psychological treatment.

Thirdly, the costs incurred during the process of psychological evaluation and counseling is affordable in Kolkata. The city has a low cost of living, certainly lower than all the major metros of the country. As a result, Bangladeshi nationals don’t have to burn a hole in their pockets for treatment. Their currency is slightly lower on the value than the Indian rupee anyway.

All factors combined, Bangladeshis feel comfortable and convenient to look for psychological counseling in Kolkata.


There are many who have equated the task of finding the right therapist to finding the right life
partner! Surely, things don’t have to be that serious when it comes to finding a therapist who can pull you
out of a compromised mental state, but this saying is not very far from the mark. Unless you
land with the therapist best suited for you, your improvement will suffer. You will be unable to
open up your heart and mind to just about any therapist. It has to be someone you are
comfortable with, and that sense of comfort doesn’t always come with established names in this

You may visit a psychologist or psychiatrist who is very famous and is reputed to have helped
numerous people with diverse problems. That, however, doesn’t assure you that this person is
best suited as your therapist as well. On the other hand, a lesser known therapist may just be the
person you are looking for, and feel comfortable and assured about. You are the best judge in
this regard, especially about the comfort part of the equation.

There are pointers, of course, that can lead you to make an informed choice. During the
reconnaissance period, when you are looking at options through online searches or asking your
friends for recommendations, you can find out about the body of work done by the psychologist
or psychiatrist. If you find that the person specializes in the kind of treatment you are looking
for, you can go ahead and book an appointment. Or you can look further till you find a person
with the relevant experience.

There is also the factor of methodology. Some psychiatrists prefer medication while others rely
on other forms of therapy, like group or music therapy, depending on the case. If you are
someone who feels that medication should be the last resort in therapy, you can pick a
psychiatrist who thinks likewise. There are tons of online data available for you to do your
homework on the psychologists of your choice. Again, this is very similar to finding as much
information about the person you’re about to date!

Sometimes, you are unsure whether you need a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It depends on the
severity of the situation, which the person affected may not be in the best position to judge. A
general physician can direct you towards the right channel of treatment. You can also speak to
counselors at Moner Alo who can guide you on the path to recovery.


We all have senior citizens around us. They may be in our immediate family, living with us in the same house. They may be aged parents living alone somewhere while you stay elsewhere due to work or studies. There comes a time when senior citizens tend to behave c. They are unable to find logic or reason in things. As a result, their own demands and suggestions become quite outlandish. Yet, they are fixated on what they have opined and don’t take no for an answer. It is quite a testing time for a son, a daughter or any other member of the family.

There are several reasons why senior citizens tend behave irrationally. The most common one is the onset of dementia. This is a mental disorder that really has no cure to reverse its onset. However, timely psychological and psychiatric treatment can arrest its growth and medication can keep some mental faculties alive for longer duration. Dementia, or memory loss as it is commonly known, can be a huge challenge, not just for the person dealing with the problem but also for everyone around them.

c More often than not, the attention is all they want. Also, they may be feeling irrelevant due to their advanced age and this is their way of grabbing some attention back. When you listen to them and hear them out, they will be more willing to see reason when you put it across to them. People suffering from dementia often tend to feel that their concerns and apprehensions are being dismissed without any consideration. You have to counter that feeling.

Secondly, think in terms of ‘why’ rather than going after logic and reason all the time. Senior citizens suffering from early signs of dementia may tell you that there is an animal in the room or people like the housemaid are stealing from them. Instead of countering their statements, try to find out why the person is making these remarks. Is the housemaid actually lingering around the room aimlessly or touching the safe or cupboards when they don’t need to? Something may be triggering their fears and accusations. Address them and this will calm down irate senior citizens.
Above all, seek professional psychological counseling. Dementia cannot be cured, true, but it can be fought for a better quality of life.


Physiotherapy is considered to be a cost-effective and efficient way of curing back pain. Patients suffering from lower back pain are often sent for physical therapy for four weeks as an initial non-surgical treatment option before going for surgical options. The goal of physiotherapy is to reduce back pain, increase motion and teach the patient a maintenance program to prevent any future back problems. With accurate measurement and early treatment, most back pains can be reduced considerably allowing one to quickly resume normal day-to-day activities. Some of the best OCD treatment in Barasat and psychological counseling is available that provides the best services.

Here we have explained some of the techniques that a physiotherapist plans to follow while trying to cure back pain:

Back Pain Reduction

Reducing back pain is the main cause of approaching a physiotherapist. If untreated for long, back pain can soon turn out to be intolerable. Problems like poor posture, muscle strain or arthritis can cause back pain. The process of physiotherapy is done to reduce stress on joints, strengthen muscle to improve mobility and re-patterning of muscles. A lot of procedures like using ice, electrotherapy, de-loading taping techniques, and soft tissue massage can be used by the physiotherapist. Some drugs might also be suggested to tackle the pain in this phase of treatment.

Restoring Back Strength in Muscles

As the inflammation reduces and the lower back pain settles down, it may seem like a relief to you. But this is the time when you are more vulnerable to a re-injury. During this phase, the treatment of physiotherapy helps to restore normal lumbar spine motion, muscle length, and resting tension. It also helps to maintain balance while walking.

A lower abdominal core stability program is suggested to help control and stabilize the lower back and pelvis. After studying the particular muscle pattern that you have, a physiotherapist could suggest some back pain exercises that are best suited for you.

Restoring Full Back Function

Depending on the day-to-day activities of the patient, a physiotherapist will aim to restore back function completely to help one resume their daily routine. Everyone has different demands based on their own personal needs. For some, it can be just a walk while others may be asked to run regularly. It depends a lot on one’s personal needs.

Back Exercises to Prevent Recurrence

A recurrence of a back pain is quite common which occurs mainly due to the poor rehabilitation process. The physiotherapist is supposed to guide one with specific exercises depending on their own personal needs that should be followed regularly.


Depression is a threat to human beings regardless of age. You can be a teen or a twenty-something and yet be a victim. But in seniors, it is very common and often unrecognizable. It’s not a flaw in their characters, nor does it prove weakness. Sometimes, it is a natural process that grips you with age! Psychological counseling offers a treatment for  depressed person.

Symptoms for depression in seniors

Depression in seniors can be recognized through various symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling tired and having trouble sleeping
  • Use of alcohol
  • Feeling of helplessness and a difficulty in concentrating
  • Constant overwhelming feeling

Remedy for depression

  • We at Moner Alo, best psychiatrists in Barasat, provide top-notch counseling to older adults. The main remedy for depression is to provide psychological counseling and therapy. Depression, however bad it might be, can always be treated. Psychotherapy is a tried-and-tested form of psychological counseling.
  • Sometimes, psychologists prescribe antidepressants to the depressed individuals. But, they can have side effects, and hence, the seniors should be monitored in such cases.
  • Support groups are often very helpful for depressed seniors. Talking to people, who share the same symptoms, helps them feel safer in the environment.
  • Increased physical activity may help with depression. Also, a brand-new hobby may help pass the time, and forget about the digressional symptoms for as long as possible. It’s better for their health to stay engaged in various activities.
  • Spending more time outside than inside the closed walls of a room have immense positive effect on seniors.

At Moner Alo, we provide OCD treatment in Barasat and other areas of Kolkata. We are one of the leading psychiatric centers who see to it that our patients are absolutely cured, with no trace of mental trauma or depression justify in them. For the seniors, to grow out of depression might not be the easiest thing to do, but with continuous treatment, they can dream of a better future as well. At such an old age, their smiles and laughter matter the most, and to promise and deliver a better future for them is on top of our priority list.


Every relationship is fragile and it needs good handling. Marriage is one of the most blissful relationships and it is equally very delicate to handle. One of the main reasons people go for this therapy is for solutions in close relationships. Hence, nowadays if any couple or other individuals feel that their relationships are at dwindling state, the person must go for relationship counseling.

Relationship counseling has become quite a popular issue these days. They are drawing many people towards it because of the failure of marriages and relationships reaching their pinnacles. Moner Alo is a very reliable foundation and holds fruitful psychological counseling on a regular basis on every ground. We have very efficient team members and they are always on their toes to help you out in every psychological problem you face. There are few techniques that are followed diligently which involve the base of these relationships counseling:

  • Communication issues are the basis that leads to further problems and also solves many serious issues as well. Communication is the foundation of all relationships. Counseling can help couples make a conscious choice of communication style and not just fall back on what they know from their history. Our team at Moner Alo focuses a lot on this virtue.
  • Lack of adjustment is yet another factor these days. Our team holds certain scientific ways of treating and dealing with these issues.
  • Premarital counseling is also gaining a lot of popularity and impetus because of the urge to save marriages that are quite on the dwindling states these days. Moner Alo organizes this as well. It is an integral part of anxiety treatment in Kolkata.
  • Infidelity within a relationship can be the last blow and damaging aspect for any couple but it does not mean the relationship has to be over. These relationship counseling provide a positive solution for a better life.

While the relationship counseling is apparently something for only relationships in crisis but there are enough reasons people in relationships tend to pursue it. Most importantly, surveys say that these relationship counseling has indeed helped many to overcome the hurdles.

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