Neurosis and Psychosis: The Difference and What Helps

January 18, 2019 by admin0

In the last few years, people are more aware of psychological problems and their need to get professional help when required. Mental health issues are no longer what you would brush under the carpet. There are several mental conditions which afflicted human beings in normal everyday life but they could not attach a name for these problems. However, when they started knowing the names of these problems like depression or anxiety disorders, there came a trend of confusing one problem with another. It requires a trained professional psychologist to tell you to correct what ails your mental health. One of the more common confusions in psychological diagnosis, especially when done by untrained people, is the difference between neurosis and psychosis.

People tend to use one label for another and that can be quite damaging. In this blog, our professional psychologists at Moner Alo draw the line in the sand so you know what is neurosis and what is psychosis.

Neurosis is an aggravated state of mind, where your anxieties, fears, and emotions get a little out of control. It causes minor upheavals in the mind and that can bring about feelings of distress and depression. Here you have to understand that there is a certain degree of neurosis in every human being. It is a way of life. It’s only when they start to get a little over the top that you will require psychological intervention.

Let us take an example. There are many in the world who fear to speak in public. It could be before a gathered group of friends or a motley band of strangers. When pushed to do so, they feel excessive perspiration or even vomiting. This is neurotic behavior and it is usually not very severe. You can get a grip on your neurotic behavior by controlling your mind.

Psychosis is a more severe form of mental affliction, which incidentally has the same symptoms as neurosis. But psychosis is unlike neurosis in the fact that it is not a way of life. Psychosis is usually triggered by something, like a deep-seated fear of snakes or spiders. Also, psychosis is a temporary mental state and once the trigger is removed, a person goes back to being their normal self. The intake of some drugs can also trigger psychosis.
Let trained psychologists decide which condition you have.

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