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In case you are looking for the best Psychological treatment in Barasat, then Moner Alo is the best mental health clinic offering a comprehensive range Psychiatric Services under eminent psychologists in Barasat. As our lives now have become much faster and with mounting mental pressures everyone right from childhood is under constant mental stress. This leads to different kinds of mental illness. This is why the need for psychological treatment has become necessary like never before. At Moner Alo we offer a wide range of complete mental health services. These begin right from the diagnosis to the complete treatment of the mental illnesses. Our psychological treatment services including everything from Psychiatric treatment, clinical psychology, Group therapy, Psychometric testing and a lot more.  

We also offer different types of Psychological counseling in Barasat, which range from Child counseling, Relationship Counseling, and Parent Child Counseling all of which can help to solve various problems efficiently.

Why Moner Alo for Psychological treatment in Barasat?

At our Barasat clinic we have the most eminent psychologists of Kolkata who are extremely knowledgeable. They offer the best psychiatry services to treat almost all type of mental illness. As mental problems have become very common in all age groups, it is very important that you take the help of a professional. Many of our Psychologists are renowned in child counseling in Kolkata and we realize that mental problems among the children have increased many fold in recent times. This is why Child Counseling and Parent Child Counseling have become critical in the current scenario and that is exactly what we have.

The best part about the psychological services we provide at our Barasat center is that we expertise in the exact diagnosis of the mental problem and thereafter treat it with the best possible psychiatric treatment or psychological therapy which is necessary. We take a fully balanced approach to go beyond symptom relief and help you to revitalize your life to live a more fulfilled life and successful life.

So in case you suspect that you, your child or any near or dear one is facing any sort of psychological problems contact us for the best treatment possible in Kolkata.



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