What You Need to Know about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Did you know that 1.2% of Americans have a mental condition called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD? You must have come across characters suffering from OCD in mainstream films and TV shows. Generally speaking, people inflicted with this condition are obsessed about something or the other. Due to this obsession, they end up repeating some actions like they are doing it out of compulsion and cannot stop themselves.

For example, a person may be spending too much time everyday cleaning and washing themselves over and over again. It seems like they cannot put a stop to their own irrational behaviour. In our work with OCD treatment in Barasat, we have come across several patients who suffer from this condition. The notable part is that in most of these cases, the person concerned is aware of their unnatural behaviour. Even then, they cannot control or prevent themselves from carrying out their obsessive compulsions.

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Obsessive compulsive disorder can wreak havoc with a person’s social life. Because of their obsessive behaviour, they are unable to connect deeply with anyone around them. They worry about their compulsive action to the extent that they shy away from social interactions. Moreover, because of their OCD, they end up scaring people around them. Social alienation and paranoia can be by-products of this mental state.

According to the psychiatrists in Kolkata, there are different manifestations of obsessive behaviour exhibited by these people. Some of them are cleaning personal items and the body repeatedly over long periods of time, only to start with the entire routine again. The next item on this list would be repeating a particular action frequently, like muttering a phrase or a name. The obsessed person is under the impression that such repetitions will keep them safe from harm.

Repeated checking of things around is also a way in which OCD manifests itself. A person may continuously check if the gas stove is closed or if the locks are in place before leaving the house. There is recorded evidence of a driver suffering from OCD going over the same route repeatedly to check if they have caused harm to anybody on the way!

Another manner of manifestation, made popular by visual media, is the strict checking if items are placed where they should be, in a particular way, however random it might be. So, for such a person, a book on the table has to be kept the same way throughout, without anyone so much as touching them anytime.  

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