How to know if you need psychological counselling?

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Mental illness is still a taboo and one of the lesser discussed topics in India. In today’s fast-paced city lives, periods of stress, anxiety or depression are extremely common. People suffering endlessly from mental disorders are often hesitant to seek professional help. But they should be encouraged by friends and family to go to a psychologist for a psychological counselling.

What are the conditions that lead to mental disorders?

Traumas caused by death of a loved one, breakup and similar situations often causes mental disorders. In case of such events, people start obsessively thinking about it; pull away from people in their lives. Psychologists and psychiatrists are trained to diagnose such problems and judging by the severity of the situation, they either prescribe medication or simply counselling sessions.

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Substance abuse is a very common side effect of mental health disorders. Consuming alcohol, marijuana and different kinds of drugs, excessively or more frequently, are indications that you must talk to a professional or even family member about your feelings and problems. Relief through substance abuse is dangerous and short lived; feeling numb for a while does not solve the problems one is facing. In such situations, psychological counselling is highly recommended to come back to normal life.

As per the opinion of psychologists of Kolkata, stress, anxiety and depression have serious impacts on a person’s physical health as well. Headaches and an empty feeling in stomach, lower immunity etc. are all signs that being emotionally upset is affecting your body. Neck pain, recurring headaches and muscle twitching are also common.

What you should do for the treatment?

People suffering from mental health disorders often lose interest in activities they once used to enjoy. Painful emotions make it difficult for people to socialize, go out and have fun or pursue passions. Concentrating on tasks becomes increasingly difficult and giving up becomes a habit. Before it is too late and one has lost all purpose of living, it is crucial to seek professional help.

If you are unsure of what kind of help you need in case you are suffering from mental health disorders, consulting a psychologist is the best option. Moner Alo is a reputed clinic for psychological therapies & psychiatric treatments in Kolkata. Contact us at our Barasat or Phoolbagan branch for the best psychological counseling in Kolkata.

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