How to Help Children Battle with Stress ?

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Like adults, children also struggle with stress. The only difference is, a child does not know how to deal with that. Excessive pressure at school, studies often get on their nerves. Pressure to perform well in exam, excel in extra-curricular activities often overburden them. As a result, they collapse.

Your child cannot figure out whether he or she is stressed or not. They simply cannot express. So, it is up to you to help your child cope with it. So, is your child stressed out? Are you confused how to identify it and help them to reduce it?

Signs of Stress in Children

Children cannot recognize symptoms of stress. Stress in children can manifest itself through a growing change in their behavior. Look for common signs. If your child has grown irritable and seems to withdraw himself or herself from activities that used to please him, he or she might be stressed. You can look for other symptoms as well. If you child is crying on trivial issues, sleeping too much or too little or tends to cling to any person, he or she is definitely stressed. The way your child behaves indicates that there is something wrong.

Help Your Child Fight Stress

Teach your child how to solve their own problems and plan their own activities. This is the best you can do for your child. If you find your child stressed, here are ways to help them manage it:

Teach them to Express Themselves

It is not possible for the child to express his or her feelings. Help them put words to their feeling. Ask them whether they feel scared or nervous, and are worried of something or not. Ask them why they feel that way. This will help you to identify what exactly is worrying them.

Stop Overburdening them with Activities

Kids are constantly under pressure to perform at school, manage their home work, and shine in extra-curricular activities. So where is the time to rejuvenate? Manage your kid’s schedule in a way that there is always a time for relaxation. Give him or her time to play. Playtime disengages their brains from other cognitive activities and enhances their physical well-being.

Make Sure They are Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for minimizing the effects of stress. If your child is not getting enough sleep, that means he is overburdened with activities. Fix a bedtime schedule and create an environment at home that help induce sleep. Soothing music and bedtime stories are great way to make them sleep and relax.

Help them Deal with Mistakes

Children get stressed from the fear of making mistakes. Make your child understand that mistakes are part of life. Help them perceive how to take lessons from mistakes and overcome them.

These are some of the common symptoms to identify if your child is stressed or not and the ways to deal with it. Hope this helps you keep your child stress-free.

Is your child experiencing symptoms of stress? You can always take help from experts. If you are looking for counselling services for children, get in touch with us.

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