Helping your child to cope up with exam stress

February 22, 2020 by admin0

These are times when children are under immense study pressure. It is also been seen that during the exam time children are under severe mental stress. The expectations of doing well from all fronts are what can be traumatic for young children. It is true that a little exam stress can serve as a motivational factor for them to do well. However, this stress if not handled properly could lead to various mental complications if the same gets prolonged over a long time. It is because of this there is a necessity for you as a parent to keep a close watch on the overall behavior of your child especially on or before the exams. In case you find any abnormalities it is important that you have the same treated well under the best Psychiatrist in Kolkata if you are based in Kolkata.

However, when dealing with children stress for exams here are some important points that you need to bear in mind:

Handling Parental Expectations

Given the immense competition in India currently right from a very tender age, the expectations of most parents. As a parent, if you expect that your child will surpass everyone you might yourself be putting immense mental pressure on your child. This can have various adverse effects on the mental health of your child and there is could be a cause of great worry. In case the child is not able to live to your expectations then there is a possibility that he or she could undergo a lot of mental anxiety. So it is best that you have realistic expectations and not put excess pressure on your child that he or she must always top the class and so on. It is best not to have unrealistic benchmarks in terms of performance because that can cause great mental harm to your child. Thus this is what is to be avoided under all circumstances. 

Competition with peer group members

As a parent of a young child, you must also realize that your child might feel stressed while preparing for his or her exams owing to the peer pressure that they may feel from peer groups. It is possible that your child belongs to a student group that is academically better in some ways compared to your child. It is often seen that there is unhealthy competition amongst peer groups that takes its mental toll on the relatively weaker students in the group. As a parent, you are aware of any such peer pressure it is best that you be a support to your child and assure him that he or she is good in many ways and should not feel stressed owing to the competition in the peer group.

Financial Stress

In case a child feels that he or she needs to do well to support the family then this could be another source of mental stress for the child. This needs to be avoided as well.

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