Depression and Its Effect on Life

May 15, 2017 by admin0

Depression is a silent killer, much like physical conditions like diabetes or thyroids. It eats away at your mental health, destroying you and your confidence inch by inch. Before you realize, you are left quite alone, with no friends or family to speak of. Depression is usually accompanied by mood swings, throwing your social behavior off-gear and alienates you from people who love you.

The mood swings and rude, irate behavior is what others see in you, like the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more buried deep inside your mindscape. Depression can derail your life like nothing else unless you opt for psychological counseling. For starters, you will lose all interest in work, be it studies or professional pursuits. You won’t feel like doing anything but laze around all day. Sometimes, even getting out of bed would seem like a chore that is best avoided.

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Because of your tardy work ethics, it doesn’t take much time for a depressed person to lose work or do poorly in studies. Once you are fired, you stay cooped up at home, unable to face anyone. You don’t have the confidence, or the inclination, to look for work in other pastures. If you are a student, and a large percentage of students do suffer from depression, you have no fight in your belly to take up your books and imp drove your scores. It like a loop of unproductive lethargy, that hurts you further down the spiral of failure.

You need the help and guidance of the best psychiatrist in Kolkata. That will help you bounce back and find your true self again. Depression can be a serious threat to relationships as well. No one like a morose and perpetually sad partner, to share a life. It may be that you are not excited about anything in your life but your partner surely does! Unless you can rise above yourself to share the joy of your partner, it will cut serious dents in your relationship. You need the support of your near and close ones to ride through depression. You cannot afford to isolate yourself.

The causes of depression may be varied and range from simple, petty stuff too complicated matters. Whatever may be the reason you are depressed, it takes will power and sometimes, medication, to uplift your mood and start enjoying life again. Do that before you are left all alone and lonely.

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