How is depression related to eating disorders?

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Eating disorders first impact one’s weight and gradually hamper fitness.  In some people, these side effects result in depression and other mental disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating, and similar occurrences. Psychological counselors say that eating disorder and depression are interlinked medical conditions. It has been so found after surveys that it also affects many people with anorexia, another common eating disorder. The results can be tragic. Studies show that anorexics are 50 times more likely to get suicidal than others

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Are eating disorders and depression interrelated?

Changes in your eating habits may be related to other symptoms of depression, such as fatigue and a lack of pleasure from activities. Like most addictions, the person suffering from aforesaid conditions has to seek help before anyone can truly help them. Eating disorders can also be an aftermath of abuse. According to the psychiatrists in Kolkata, depression can also result in emotional eating, a common occurrence in which the need to eat is not associated with physical hunger. It has to be noted that sudden changes in appetite are a common sign of depression that should not be ignored and immediately consulted with the doctor because all these symptoms can turn out to be fatal, mentally. There are certain ways for treating these disorders.

What Are The Recovery options?

  • Symptoms of an eating disorder can rapidly turn out to become life-threatening. This may result in major depression and mental disorder.
  • There is no simple cure for eating disorders, but treatment is available, and recovery is also possible.
  • The best way to eliminate depression as well as eating disorder is to apply both nutritional therapy and mental cure therapy, side by side.
  • First of all, nutritional therapies are provided to the patient concerned and simultaneously there are certain psychotherapies that can help the patients to explore the causes and state of mind behind abnormal eating habits, as well as to assist on the road to recovery.
  • If psychotherapy and nutrition therapy go simultaneously, the treatment becomes easier and result is also more effective.

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