Depression: 12 Harmful Negative Thoughts to Avoid

April 22, 2016 by admin0

Your thoughts control your feelings and actions. Thoughts develop into feelings, which has tremendous effect on you behaviour and productivity. That is why you should avoid negative thinking. Such thought pattern has the power to ruin you confidence and break you into bits.

Studies have proved that a negative thought process holds back your body’s natural healing process. It will ultimately hamper your effectivity. Over here, we will discuss 12 such negative thoughts that you should never let in to your mind:

1. I will Never Be Able to Succeed

“Never” is a powerful word that can hold you back from achieving anything in life. So, instead of telling yourself that you won’t succeed, try to work on that task taking small steps.

2. Nothing Goods Ever Happens to Me

It is easy to lose your focus and mental balance when faced with failures. Instead, cheer yourself up by focusing on the opportunities that you get.

3. They are Better Than Me

Comparison always makes you look down upon yourself. You always compare yourself with people’s achievements. Remember that you are not competing with anyone but you. Other too had their share of bad luck that you overlook.

4. He/ She does not Love Me

Disagreement with your partner might leave you feel unappreciated. Situations might occur where you feel mistreated but, that does not means end of the world. Such thoughts will do no good but jeopardize your relationship.

5. This is not My Fault

Finding fault in others is yet another negative thought that eats your mind up. Blaming others will make you lose focus from finding a solution.

6. I am not Good Enough

We all make mistakes but, a constant feeling of low self-worth will only overshadow your qualities. Have faith in yourself.

7. I shouldn’t have Done That

Ruminating over past mistakes stops you from moving into future. Instead, work on what you can do to improve the situation.

8. It’s too Late

Believing it’s too late will stop you from pursuing your goals. Never put limitations over yourself, instead, jump in.

9. My Life is a Mess

Sometimes the obligations and demands of life will overwhelm you. The more you think about it, the more you get distressed. Instead, try to find ways to manage your life and strike a balance between work and personal life.

10. It’s too Tough

This negative thought will limit you from trying new avenues. Instead, think of it as a challenge and an opportunity for expanding your knowledge.

11. I Know, This Will Go Haywire

Assuming about the future will deeply affect the way you look at life. Contemplating about future will only distract you from the opportunities around you.

12. That Wasted My Entire Day

Everyone have their share of good and bad experiences. Appreciate the negative experiences and find what you learned from them.

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