Dementia: 10 Signs and Symptoms

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Dementia is the decline in your mental ability that can greatly affect your day to day life. People often confuse dementia with a mental disease but, this is not a specific disease. Dementia is a number of signs and symptoms that can cause various other diseases. Dementia particularly attacks your thinking, memory and communication power.

So, what exactly Dementia is? How to identify it? Here are 10 factors to consider while identifying dementia:

1. Memory Loss is not Necessarily Dementia

If your loved one is having trouble remembering things, that does not means he or she is suffering from dementia. Dementia must be accompanied by at least two impairments. See if your loved one is having trouble in focusing or not. Check if they are having difficulties in reasoning, communication or using the language. If memory loss is coupled with any of these impairments, it is indicative of dementia.

2. Subtle Changes in Memory

Short-term memory loss is an early sign of dementia. These are usually subtle changes. Your loved one might remember events from the past but, does not remembers where they kept the glasses. They often seem struggling to remember small things. They keep on forgetting what they were supposed to do.

3. Struggle with Language

Do your loved ones struggle hard to communicate their thoughts with you? They seem to be unable to express themselves or explain anything? Are they always trying to figure out the correct word to describe anything? If yes, then these are essential signs of dementia.

4. Frequent Change in Mood

Frequent change in mood is an early sign of dementia. Is your loved one depressed most of the time? Depression is also an early sign od dementia. With a shift in mood, you can always notice a change in their personality. They might turn shy from being outgoing or vice-versa. Look for these changes.

5. Loss of Interest

A loss of interest in daily activities is a common sign of early dementia. Your loved one seem no longer interested in hobbies. He or she has lost all interest in doing anything fun. Even they stopped spending time with family and friends. All these symptoms indicate dementia.

6. Trouble in Doing Regular Tasks

Early signs of dementia also includes difficulty in performing regular tasks. Does your loved one has problem completing any daily task? Do they struggle to learn any new thing? If yes, then these indicates early signs of dementia.

7. Declining Sense of Direction

Onset of dementia can be identified with a declining sense of direction. This indicates that the thinking process of your loved one is deteriorating. This include forgetting directions and not identifying common landmarks. Difficulty in following step-by-step instruction is also an indicator of dementia.

8. Increasing Confusion

During early stages of dementia, your loved one may also show confusion while performing daily tasks. They might forget faces, face difficulty in interacting with people or remember who they are.

9. Poor sense of Judgment

People suffering from dementia are no longer capable of effective decision-making. When dealing with money related matter, they cannot make any proper judgment.

10. Not able to Adapt to Changes

With early signs of dementia, your loved one is finding it difficult to perform normal tasks. That is why, they do not want to try new things and resist any type of changes. Such difficulty in adapting to changes indicates dementia.

If your loved one is showing these symptoms, immediately get in touch with a good neuropsychiatrist in kolkata. If you have any further queries related to this, feel free to get in touch with us.

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