Daily Psychology Tips to Handle Work Stress

December 19, 2018 by admin0

Work is stressful, no matter what you do. You may work alone in a startup or as a freelancer, or in an office. Professionals who work in low-stress jobs are also under some pressure or the other at some point. However, ignoring regular stress at work can have a negative effect on the mind. It also brings down your productivity and how successful you are as a professional. It may lead to burnout or mental breakdown.

We asked the best psychologists with us here at Moner Alo and these are some tips to handle daily work stress.

First up, inculcate a hobby. While this may seem vague on first sight, it actually is very good advice. A hobby may be reading, watching movies or simply listening to music. It is not mandatory that your hobby is something out of the box. It can be something generic and obvious. But you have to work towards maintaining this hobby. It relaxes your brain and gives you focus. That comes in handy when you get back to your work desk after a weekend.

Secondly, play a sport. It can be cricket or football or any other sport. Do note that video games on the computer or gaming console don’t qualify as sports! Along with playing, exercising is also crucial. It releases hormones from the body that spreads out like happiness in the body. Exercising can be good for the body, mainly when you stay cooped up at your desk all the time. It relaxes the mind and clears away the stress.

Thirdly, spend some time networking. It need not be professional networking as you would do on LinkedIn. It can be entirely personal through platforms like Facebook. Connect with your school and college buddies. The basic idea is to take your mind away from work when you are enjoying your leisure.

Finally, spend some time with your family and friends. Talk to them every day, at morning or night. Talk about your life and listen to them talking about theirs. It gives you a sense that you have a happening life outside of your professional sphere. It lets you know that you are loved and wanted, no matter how much rejection you face at work. It buoys your spirit after a grueling professional day.

If the stress and gloom don’t dispel this day, get in touch with the best psychologists in Kolkata, Moner Alo.

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