Psychological Counselling in Schools

School children are exposed to the world through the internet. Any child can face cyber bullying, or the more traditional form of bullying in school. There is intense pressure on them to perform. This pressure can come from teachers in school, or from parents at home. There are other issues which put a lot of strain on the minds of young school children. This continued stress can lead them to take desperate steps to get out of this vicious cycle of psychological battering.

A Psychologist Necessary in Every School

Schools are now waking up to the need of hiring psychologists who can understand, investigate and help school children come up with answers to their individual problems. A trained and professional psychologist is required in every school, if not more. The job of such a psychologist is to help school children realize their strengths and come to terms with their abilities. If there is a mismatch between what they are capable of delivering and what they are expected to deliver, it is surely put the child under a lot of stress.

Why a Psychologist?

Here are some reasons why schools need psychologists:

  • Schools deal with young, impressionable minds. With so much going on around them, with the internet exposing them to more of the world than they can figure out at such a tender age, school kids need a guide. Psychologists can help them find that guidance.

  • Psychologists can ensure that children learn the mechanics of handling pressure, no matter where they come from. They will also learn to combat pressure and channelize it into positive energy.

  • With a psychologist in school, children can approach them with questions, queries and what-ifs because this is the time when they are curious about the world, and their place in it.


We have a committed and proficient team of trained psychologists. They have years of experience and can handle the psychological problems that school children go through. With their knowledge and expertise, children going to school will find the help they need.

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