Corporate Stress Management

Today, employees are constantly on the go. So much so that the thin line between one’s personal and professional life has significantly blurred. With ever-present deadlines and a constant need to stay ahead of the corporate rat race, it is necessary for every individual to have healthy coping mechanisms to tackle corporate demands and pressures.   

These days, corporate wellness and stress management workshops have become a major requirement for corporate leaders, managers, and staff members.

Our Corporate Stress Management Workshop provides highly interactive learning and assistance where a specialist guides individuals to adequately manage stress, anxiety and maintain harmony in the workplace.


The workshop will aim at educating a corporate employee on how to manage stress both at an individual and organizational level. Additionally, the specialist will coach how to implement useful strategies and techniques to deal with stressful situations and people at the organization with the help of several group and individual exercises.  The workshop will equip individuals to maintain their health, physical and mental, and give it an adequate priority.


This Corporate Stress Management Workshop conducted by Moner Alo is for any working professional, corporate executive, team leader, manager, supervisor, entrepreneur, etc. who want to deal with their daily work-related stress and anxieties.


This workshop will assist participants in the following ways:

  • Recognize what stress is and the key indicators
  • Strategies and techniques to self-manage stress
  • Benefits of managing stress
  • Review and identify the key areas that trigger stress and anxiety at the workplace and operational methods to address work-related stress
  • Next-step plans on what to do if stress or anxiety gets out of control
  • Major Helplines to address stress, unnecessary demands, excessive pressures, etc.
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  • Why it is necessary to address stress and its negative impact on life
  • How to recognize stress and tackle it at the workplace
  • Breathing exercises to stay calm during stressful situations
  • Can stress ever be positive?
  • Various types of stress and how to recognize them
  • Long term effects of stress
  • Methods where employers and employees can work in partnership to remedy work-related stress
  • Questionnaires, presentations, reading materials on stress management at work, group and individual practical activities, exercises, facilitated group discussions, etc.


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