Counselling for Depression in Kolkata : 4 Facts you Can't Ignore

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For the past few days, Nitin was avoiding interaction with his parents. He has just got into college and was very excited about his new life. However, of late, his parents noticed that most of the time he would keep himself locked up in his room. He wouldn’t take the calls from his friends and has lost his appetite. No matter how much Nitin’s parents try to cheer him up, he never responded. That was when they consulted a psychotherapist and found that Nitin was suffering from depression.

Depression is more than just a bad mood. It is a serious mental health condition and often needs professional help. And the right sort of counselling can help a person overcome that. There is a number of counselling or therapy that can help a patient overcome depression. This includes:

1. Behavioural Therapy

The basic concept of the behavioral theory is that everything amounts to the behaviour of a person. So if a person feels miserable, it is due to their behaviour. Behavioural therapists seek to alter the negative behaviour of the patient to help him/her overcome depression.

2. Cognitive Therapy

Counsellors work on the thinking styles of the patient. This therapy works on the premises that emotions result from thoughts. So, to eliminate negative emotions, the therapist often focuses on the thought patterns and tries to address it by talking to the patient.

3. Interpersonal Therapy

In this approach, the psychotherapist mostly focuses on the way people relate to other people. For instance, they concentrate on how the patient communicates with others or express themselves; it also focuses on whether he or she is assertive, aggressive or timid.

4. Solution-focused Therapy

In this therapy, the counsellor emphasises on finding solutions to the current problems of the patient and focusing on his or her future wellness rather than the negative past. They try to motivate the patient and help them in embracing life while taking the negative past as a lesson. If applied skilfully, this is extremely beneficial for patients suffering from depression.

Each therapy can contribute to overcoming depression. A good counsellor uses a mixture of all these approaches to treat his or her patients successfully. If you or any of your loved ones suffer from depression and want to seek counselling for depression in Kolkata, get in touch with us at

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