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We all have senior citizens around us. They may be in our immediate family, living with us in the same house. They may be aged parents living alone somewhere while you stay elsewhere due to work or studies. There comes a time when senior citizens tend to behave c. They are unable to find logic or reason in things. As a result, their own demands and suggestions become quite outlandish. Yet, they are fixated on what they have opined and don’t take no for an answer. It is quite a testing time for a son, a daughter or any other member of the family.

There are several reasons why senior citizens tend behave irrationally. The most common one is the onset of dementia. This is a mental disorder that really has no cure to reverse its onset. However, timely psychological and psychiatric treatment can arrest its growth and medication can keep some mental faculties alive for longer duration. Dementia, or memory loss as it is commonly known, can be a huge challenge, not just for the person dealing with the problem but also for everyone around them.

c More often than not, the attention is all they want. Also, they may be feeling irrelevant due to their advanced age and this is their way of grabbing some attention back. When you listen to them and hear them out, they will be more willing to see reason when you put it across to them. People suffering from dementia often tend to feel that their concerns and apprehensions are being dismissed without any consideration. You have to counter that feeling.

Secondly, think in terms of ‘why’ rather than going after logic and reason all the time. Senior citizens suffering from early signs of dementia may tell you that there is an animal in the room or people like the housemaid are stealing from them. Instead of countering their statements, try to find out why the person is making these remarks. Is the housemaid actually lingering around the room aimlessly or touching the safe or cupboards when they don’t need to? Something may be triggering their fears and accusations. Address them and this will calm down irate senior citizens.
Above all, seek professional psychological counseling. Dementia cannot be cured, true, but it can be fought for a better quality of life.


effects of depression on health

The feeling of sadness comes naturally to human beings. And it is absolutely normal to feel sad. However, there are times when this overwhelming feeling of sadness, grief and emptiness interfere with one’s day to day functions. Clinical depression is something that manifests itself not only through mental changes but also physical changes. According to the World Health Organisation, about 350 million people across the globe suffer from depression. Major Clinical Depression can cause serious health issues and can deteriorate your quality of life. Here’s what depression does to your health:

1. Clinical Depression affects your Central Nervous System. People suffering from depression find it difficult to concentrate on things. They have memory problems and lack decision-making skills. They feel fatigued all the time and have trouble in sleeping.

2. Depression also affects your digestive system. Many cope with depression by indulging in binging or by not eating at all. This causes weight-related issues. Overeating results in excessive weight gain while not eating at all results in malnutrition, stomachaches and cramps.

3. Depression significantly aggravates the stress level. This has a negative impact on your cardiovascular system. High level of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline tightens the blood vessels and increases your heart rate. This can result in heart ailments. According to Harvard Medical School, people suffering from depression are likely to have a heart attack, chest pain or even a stroke.

4. People suffering from depression have weak immune system. When we sleep, immune system repairs itself. With the lack of deep sleep, your immune system won’t get the necessary time for healing and repairing. This makes it tough for them to fight infections . Even taking vaccinations won’t help as these vaccines will be less effective in controlling diseases.

5. Depression also affects your brain functioning. The change in the functions of the brain affects your body systems. For instance, abnormal functioning of brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin can change your feelings of pain which mean, you become more susceptible to physical pain especially back pain.

6. Depression also increases the risk of Type-2 Diabetes. People suffering from depression do not eat properly, skip exercise and indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle. If any depressed person already has diabetes, then his/her mental condition can restrict him/her from taking proper measures to control the disease. This only aggravates the situation.

7. If left untreated, depression can also cause the decline in brainpower. This is more severe in case of the elderly people. Depression can shrink various areas of the brain and increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

8. People with depression can also develop osteoporosis. Depression results in low bone mass and reduces the levels of calcium and other minerals for bone development.

Proper diagnosis is essential for controlling depression. If you are looking for good treatment for depression, then visit us. We provide specialised therapy for depression, under expert guidance and assure overall mental and physical well-being. Call us at +91 9051 680 953.

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