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Every relationship is fragile and it needs good handling. Marriage is one of the most blissful relationships and it is equally very delicate to handle. One of the main reasons people go for this therapy is for solutions in close relationships. Hence, nowadays if any couple or other individuals feel that their relationships are at dwindling state, the person must go for relationship counseling.

Relationship counseling has become quite a popular issue these days. They are drawing many people towards it because of the failure of marriages and relationships reaching their pinnacles. Moner Alo is a very reliable foundation and holds fruitful psychological counseling on a regular basis on every ground. We have very efficient team members and they are always on their toes to help you out in every psychological problem you face. There are few techniques that are followed diligently which involve the base of these relationships counseling:

  • Communication issues are the basis that leads to further problems and also solves many serious issues as well. Communication is the foundation of all relationships. Counseling can help couples make a conscious choice of communication style and not just fall back on what they know from their history. Our team at Moner Alo focuses a lot on this virtue.
  • Lack of adjustment is yet another factor these days. Our team holds certain scientific ways of treating and dealing with these issues.
  • Premarital counseling is also gaining a lot of popularity and impetus because of the urge to save marriages that are quite on the dwindling states these days. Moner Alo organizes this as well. It is an integral part of anxiety treatment in Kolkata.
  • Infidelity within a relationship can be the last blow and damaging aspect for any couple but it does not mean the relationship has to be over. These relationship counseling provide a positive solution for a better life.

While the relationship counseling is apparently something for only relationships in crisis but there are enough reasons people in relationships tend to pursue it. Most importantly, surveys say that these relationship counseling has indeed helped many to overcome the hurdles.


The duration of pregnancy is a time of great joy and excitement for both the woman and the man. Life developing in the womb is expected with a lot of anticipation. But this period is also dotted with diagnostic tests, doctors, medicines and various other engagements. The legwork, coupled with the mental stress, can have a telling effect on any couple. The woman tends to be withdrawn and overburdened with stress for the health of the developing fetus as well as her own physical state. The man is worried about keeping all loose ends neatly tied up.

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The stress of pregnancy often becomes a relationship killer. Often there are different goals of the two people which clashes. This usually happens when the pregnancy is unplanned and both parties in the mix have different ideas of where their relationship should go. There is also the question of financial security. Couples at the beginning of their careers don’t want to carry the financial load of pregnancy and the subsequent child. All of these emotions can boil over to scar a relationship.

A psychologist can bring about a calming influence on these otherwise raging emotions. It’s not just the volatile feelings that we are talking about here. Even women who are in a smooth, ‘normal’ pregnancy tend to show feelings of depression, mood swings and general pessimism about things. This could be due to the stress involved in the process or simply brought about by the turmoil of hormones. Medicines prescribed during pregnancies are supposed to have an effect on the hormones, so that is a probable cause which expresses itself through depression.

Psychological counselling will help a couple tide over these struggles. A psychologist will bring things into perspective, telling both the man and the woman what to expect and how to deal with the stress. Simply talking about their fears and insecurity, like body issues in women, will help to combat the feelings of being lost. Pregnancy demands that women remain in the pink of their mental health, along with their physical being. So, stress and negative thoughts can have an adverse effect on the health of both mother and child.

If you are dealing with pregnancy, it is wise to have a psychologist onboard to take you through the paces of being a father and a mother.

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